Adoption Journey Timeline


August 23 - Finalized our decision of where to adopt from and which agency to use.
August 24 - Notified placing agency and began to fill in paperwork
August 25 - Notified home study agency and began to fill in paperwork
August 26/27 - sent in all paperwork to both agencies and deposits
August 31 - began gathering paperwork for the home study and dossier
  • ordered certified copies of everyone's birth certificates
  • ordered our marriage license
  • visited the police station to write letters on our behalf
  • contacted grandparents to write letters on our behalf
  • contacted people to provide references on our behalf
  • began online courses to meet the educational requirements
September 3 - assigned a case worker for the home study
September 8 - went in for a physical and had the doctor fill in forms for the children
September 8 - received small amount on children waiting (referrals fell through)
September 9 - had stacks of papers signed and notarized in preparation for the dossier
September 23 - first home study meeting
September 30 - second home study meeting
October 19 - third and final home study meeting
October 21 - received the rough draft of the home study to review!
October 29 - Home study is officially completed!
November 5 - Picked up notarized copies of the home study.
November 6 - Sent Application (I-600A) and money to USCIS in Texas (they will review this and determine whether we are candidates to adopt internationally and if we are they will send us dates to get finger printed.)
  • I-600A form (which is 12 pages long)
  • our home study
  • copy of our birth certificates
  • copy of our marriage license
  • copy of the agency accreditation
  • copy of the first page of our taxes from 2014
  • copies of letters from our employers
  • a hefty money order
November 21 - Received letter from USCIS telling us the date, time, and location of our fingerprinting
November 28 - Received a letter from USCIS telling us our application could not be processed because our home study was missing elements in 4 areas (apparently requirements are changed periodically by USCIS but they are not posted and the only way to know the new requirements is to receive letters like we did - so you are welcome future adoptive families!)
December 3 at 8am - Fingerprints for USCIS
December 18 - Approval of the I-600A in the mail!
December 21 - Authorized a full investigation of a potential referral
December 23 - Sent completed Dossier to agency to be reviewed.  (there were so many papers it had to be packaged in a box!)
January 5 - Received full investigation of referral
January 11 - Sent affidavits to Uganda to be filed in court!
January 13 - Immunizations to go to Africa - 4 for me and 5 for Ryan! (typhoid, hep B, hep A, meningitis, and yellow fever)
January 15 - Court is back in session after a break and our papers are ready to be filed!
January 27 - Got our court date in Uganda
February 5 - Left for Uganda! Ryan and I
February 9 - Court in Kampala
February 11 - US Embassy emailed us the IOM form (special medical form)
February 13 - Ryan went home while I stayed in Uganda
February 15 - Picked up a positive ruling from Court
February 17 - Applied for a Ugandan passport for our daughter
February 17 - I came home from Uganda
March 1 - Long birth certificate is completed
March 7 - Written Ruling is ready!  This means we are now the official guardians of our daughter
March 11 - Passport completed and picked up
March 15 - IOM appointment completed
March 17 - TB test checked and deemed negative
March 18 - Visit to the health department for the three children to get immunizations
March 23 - emailed US embassy to schedule an appointment to check documents
March 24 - Relative ID completed
March 27 - Easter - I left for Uganda
March 31 - Embassy Appointment to turn in I-600 application and check documents
March 31 - Ryan and the kids arrive that night in Uganda
April 4 - Received email from Embassy requesting an interview with the relative
April 5 - Party to say goodbye at the orphanage
April 6 - Relative interview at the US Embassy
April 7 - Ryan and the kids leave Uganda for home
April 13 - Receive a form letter from the US Embassy saying our case is not clearly approvable so they sent our paperwork to Rome for review
April 14 - Discussed options with an immigration lawyer, contacted local congress for assistance, hired a different independent investigator, emailed and called the embassy to get information on our case, but was told no one would take my call - goodbye and hung up
April 15 - Met with the investigator about the case
April 15 - received email from Embassy saying they would discuss our case next week
April 17 - I left Uganda
April 18 - received an email from Embassy saying they would call me on Tuesday the 19th.
April 18 - tracking shows that Rome received our case
April 20 - Received a call from US Embassy in Uganda to talk about our case
April 21 - Email from USCIS in Rome verifying they received our case file.  45 days from this day will be June 4!
June 1 - Received an RFE (request for evidence) from USCIS
June 16 - Another day in Ugandan court - this time we did not have to be present
July 1 - The judge told us this was the day our Court documents would be ready
July 20 - Court Documents are ready to be picked up
July 30 - Fed Exed all of our new evidence to Rome
August 2 - Packet arrived in Rome (according to our tracking number)
August 22 - Received email saying they were working on our case and would let us know (this was after I sent an email)  The attorney told us Rome was slow and it would take about 60 days to hear yes or no
August 26 - APPROVAL!!!!  (3 1/2 weeks from when we sent in our RFE)
August 29 - Paperwork sent to Kampala Uganda
September 7 - Paperwork received by Embassy in Kampala - instructed to deliver the new original documents to the Embassy and the IOM medical needs to be redone

September 19 - Embassy has received IOM results
September 20 - Leave for Uganda!
September 21 - Arrive in Uganda
September 22 - Embassy appointment for visa interview
September 23 - New paperwork delivered to embassy
September 26 - pick up visa and travel home!
September 27 - Arrive in Michigan at 5:35pm!!!
September 30 - meet with adoption lawyer
October 4 - Doctor appointment and blood draw
October 11 - Immunizations begun
November 23 - Court to give consent to adopt
November 29 - signed up for school
December 2 - More immunizations
December 5 - First day of School!!


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