Costa Rica-Day Seven-January 2021-Monkey Bar, Cacique Guaro, Beach Massages, Pura Vida!

 Day Seven- Friday

Our final day in Costa Rica was spent at the pool and beach on the resort property. We sat on the beach watching the waves roll in enjoying the smell of the ocean air, the sound of the waves crashing, and the feel of the hot sun beating down on us. We always say we are trying to soak it all in but it never seems to stay with us long enough to hold us over until the next time.

When the sun became too strong we walked the dirt path to the pool. We set up our chairs, lathered on the sunscreen, and prepared to relax. It wasn’t long before we were in the pool cooling off. Ry went to yoga and I hung in the pool chatting with new friends. When Ry came back it was time for more sunscreen and water aerobics. The instructor had met us on the first night and knew us by name. He had been trying to recruit us for activities and when we gave him the thumbs up for aerobics he told everyone in his microphone that we were finally joining in.

We alternated between the pool and the chair for a bit and then went down to the beach again for a massage. The ladies sit under the shade of a tree and wait for customers. We were led to the same tent massage area and enjoyed another relaxing massage. This time I had cucumbers placed on my eyes. After our massages, we went back to the pool, jumped in, and then walked down to The Monkey Bar with part of the Harbour crew. The place was pretty full and an older gentleman and younger gentleman appeared to be the only two people managing everything there.

We had a delicious lunch and tried the local drink called Cacique Guaro. They say it is like a rum made with the sugar cane and pure spring waters of Costa Rica. I had asked about the drink because on tours I had heard of it. To show you want the drink you put four fingers in front of your forehead. This is because the label shows a traditional man with a headdress of four feathers. The older gentleman brought the bottle over to show it to us. I think he was excited that I had asked about it and wanted to try it. He had me pour it into a shot glass. Of course, I spilled a little but I filled it completely to the top. He decided not to push our luck and poured the shot into a glass with ice. He then took Fresca which is like Squirt and poured some of that into the glass as well. According to him, people drink it with coke or orange soda but he said the best way to have it is on ice with salt and lime. I thought it was great and was so happy about the lessons in local customs!

Later he also brought us shots with cacique. The shots were red and had a lime that looked like an orange on the side. We all did the shot. It was like a shot of spicy Bloody Mary. It was so good! Of course, Ry and I had to leave our mark on the place so we too took a dollar bill and wrote our name, year, and Pura Vida on it before gluing it to the wall. When we first arrived in Costa Rica I saw Pura Vida on a sign about their beer; Imperial so I thought it was a tag line for the beer. I then saw it on shirts, hats, key chains, all things touristy so I then thought it was a tourism kind of thing. When people started to say Pura Vida as a hello or your welcome I had to ask. Pura Vida started maybe as far back as the 40s. People use it as a greeting and to say how they are - it works for just about anything in any situation.

Back at the resort, we hurried to the gift shops to get items we wanted to bring home. Unfortunately, the shop we wanted to get a few things in was closed. Not wanting to leave the outdoors and pool we went to relax back in our chairs. We ended up chatting with new friends until dusk settled over the mountains and the bugs began to circle.

On our last evening, a new restaurant opened its doors and after cleaning ourselves up we were seated at the resort’s Italian restaurant. After dinner, we packed up our things in preparation for leaving the next day and relaxed before snuggling into the king-sized bed.


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