Costa Rica- Day Four- January 2021 - Sugar Cane, River Cruise, and Rum!

 Day Four- Tuesday

Since we have been on the go I talked Ryan into having breakfast and sitting out by the pool first thing. Bellies full we enjoyed the morning sun. It was a hot sun bearing down without the softening of cloud cover. Within 10 minutes we were dripping in sweat and jumping in the pool. We alternated laying in our lounge chairs listening to books and jumping in the pool for about two hours before we showered off and dressed fir our next adventure.

We met people from Harbour in the lobby and boarded a bus. Our first stop was lunch. We found ourselves going down gravel bumpy roads (which were still better then main roads I have been on in Uganda and Guatemala) through some small colorful towns. All of which had a school, a church, a grocery store, a bar, and a park area. The homes were concrete with fencing outlining their property, some with barbed wire on the top. Each home had a small porch with a chair or two, beautiful flowering plants growing around the perimeter and looked quite well kept.

As we neared our destination we traveled through field after field after field of sugar cane. We reached El Viejo Hacienda up on a hill overlooking a marsh area. It was so picturesque with its old wooden structure, decks, and stairways leading down to more buildings on the marsh.

We had a very Costa Rican lunch of rice and beans with fish and of course my favorite plantains! After our lunch we got back on the bus for another bumpy ride through fields of sugar cane to a river. Our boat was waiting. The River ride was one of going forward, backing up, turning around, and going forward then idling and backing up then going foreword. Basically we were looking for wildlife and would go where they were seen. We saw crocodile, monkeys, lizards, and many birds.

After our River cruise we loaded back into the bus for a ten minute bumpy ride back to the hacienda. Part of our group disembarked to take a cultural tour and we stayed on to have a rum tour.

The tour ended with free tastings which made it even better, but we actually learned a lot about making rum from sugar cane- the process and the secrets! The pure rum that we first sampled was super smooth and very enjoyable. In their tasting room we were able to pick ingredients to infuse in the rum. I had pineapple, chocolate, and cloves. Ry had chocolate, coffee, and cloves. The longer they sat and shared the flavors the better they tasted. We left our rum tour pretty happy. (Even after Ry broke a glass)

Our next tour was a cultural tour. We learned how they extracted the sugar from the sugar cane. We sampled sugar cane and other sugary substances. At the end of the tour we made tortillas and had different corn treats. The day was very informative and we learned a lot about the history of the people of Costa Rica!


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