Costa Rica - Day Five - January 2021 - Horses on the Beach

 Day Five - Wednesday

Apparently we are incapable of sleeping in while on vacation! 5am and we were awake! We decided to take a walk on the beach before breakfast opened. It was very peaceful with large waves lapping the shore. We walked in the opposite direction from the other day where the beach is much shorter. One thing we found was that there must be a lot of ground water flowing into the ocean from the shore. We watched as the waves rolled up and then retreated back where they came from but water continued to flow through small rivets toward the salty water. If you stood in the water that was continuously flowing you would notice the temperature difference especially at its place of origin. It was much warmer than the ocean water. It is such an odd thing!!

After our walk we had breakfast, inquired about horse back riding on the beach, and then changed in preparation for our new adventure.

We were met on the beach by a young lady, Lettie, who led us back down a trail near the massage village. She had a few horses tied to trees waiting for us. I rode Toby and Ryan rode a horse with a more Spanish sounding name which I can’t recall. I noticed a few days before that many of the horses I have seen here are white and out horses were no exception.

We walked the horses down a paved road and then on a red dirt road. I mistakenly thought it was a path but a few times we were forced to move over so that cars could pass us by. At times we sped up into a trot. There were only three of us and Lettie was easy going, quick to chuckle and laughed heartily. We saw homes, an amazing 100+ year old tree, and monkeys on our excursion! We passed through a few small streams and then came to the beach where we were able to run the horses. It was amazing being able to ride the horses on the beach. This is the first time I have ever done that! The sand is packed hard here so it was the perfect ground for the horses. What I liked best was that even though these horses are clearly trail horses and know to follow one another, Lettie let us be in the lead at times and take our stead in the direction and speed we wanted to go! It was so much fun! I would do it every day if I could!

After our horse riding adventure we spent the rest of the day by the pool listening to books. It was a sun and heat filled day today!


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