Costa Rica - Day Two - January 2021- Monkeys, Beach Massages, Exploring

 Day Two - Sunday

We didn’t make a plan for the morning and I had anticipated that Ry would sleep in while I’d wake early. Seems we were in sink and were up and on the beach for a walk by 7:30!

We had a mission to find a small bar along the beach that we had heard about. It is called Monkey’s. We saw the signs and followed a trail into the jungle. Along a dirt road we found an adorable restaurant bar. My definition of adorable is what I would envision a Costa Rican bar to look like. Put together by branches strings tarps with a water tower next to it. Of course there was no one there so early and it is all out in the open so we wandered around looking at all of the dollar bills affixed to the roof, poles, and make shift walls. I took time to check out their seating options before we headed back to the beach.

Upon walking a little further down we saw some folks walking out of the jungle. They asked if we had seen the monkeys. We walked up the sandy bank and into a grove of trees that they had just departed. At first glance there were three white faced monkeys. They were jumping in the trees. As we stood there watching them, a man took some fruit held it out and more monkeys came out of hiding to get a treat from his hand. I was so focused on cute monkeys in the trees that until I felt him I had no idea a monkey walked over my feet! Another gentlemen came with food and his cell phone taking selfie’s feeding the monkeys. They were so cute. Until a big one hissed at me with his pointed incisors. Then they became a little less cute which equated to only two steps back less cute.

After our fill of all of the monkey business, we continued down the beach. When we came to a fresh water stream we jumped over it. When we came to a huge pile of boldest and rocks we climbed over them. We arrived at an isolated beach. No footprints no people. Only coral pieces, shells, and crabs. We had fun watching the crabs scurry about in the sand. We had planned to get a workout in so we ran the distance of the beach until a rock cliff stopped us.

The trip back was fun but faster since we didn’t venture into the jungle. Once back to the resort we headed to the fitness facilities. This workout was similar to hot yoga in that it was steaming in the room! I don’t know the last time I sweat so much. I had it dripping from my forehead. My grey tank top was not a good choice as it show cased the extreme sweat situation very well.

Before heading back to the room we explored the resort next to ours. As with many resorts, they have a sister or brother resort that guests can visit and enjoy certain amenities. Our neighbor was much busier and filled with a lot of families. On the way back we stopped in the stores between the two resorts. We may have to go back later for souvenirs. We will see what the week brings.

Our next stop was to meet with Delta Vacations people to find out when our airport pick up was. Owen and Brian are very good at their job. They took time to chat and tutor us in our Spanish. At the end of our visit we signed up for an excursion for the next morning. By this time it was already past lunch and we had only been guzzling water. We headed to the bar and both had fruit smoothies.

Finally we made it up to the room and I peeled myself out of my black workout capris. Yuck. Into the shower I went to wash the morning stench off of me. In our suits we ventured down to the beach where we met Estephanie. We agreed to be her next massage customers. She hoisted up her chair over her shoulder and led us down a trail into the forest. If other people hadn’t told us about her I would have been preparing for a fight or flight situation because things were looking pretty sketch.

We ended up at a little area with make shift rooms held together by ropes, sticks, tarps, and sheets. Inside the room were two massage tables ready for us. There was an entire collection of these massage huts where beach goers were rounded up and serviced during the day. The rooms were in the shade and close enough to the ocean that you could hear the waves lapping the shore while birds chirped over head.

I really enjoyed my massage. She even massaged my head and feet and gave me a facial! It was awesome! Ry asked for a deep tissue massage and while I had my face in the holder pointing at the ground I could hear his masseuse ask if he was ok. Apparently Ry was a bit sore and had a lot of tense knots that she worked really really hard on. His time wasn’t as relaxing as mine but he said it was needed and he was glad he did it.

After our sketch not sketch massages we tried to go get some food. Ry was denied entry because he had on a gator and not a proper mask. Back to the bar to get another fruit smoothy we went. By 2 we were at the pool in the hot hot sun. We found some chairs in the sun and while Ry chatted I stood in the pool after rinsing as much of the massage oil off that I could.

I think the staff was disappointed that I continued to ask for water but with the heat and no real food I didn’t think anything with extra zing would be a good idea. We forgot our towel card in our room on the fifth floor. I went and asked the attendant for towels anyways. First he said no and then I asked him if he was really going to make me go all the way to the top floor to get it. He thought about it and just when I thought he was going to shoo me away he gave me two towels for the pool! Score!

Clouds rolled in and the day grew tired. We headed back to our room with our pool towels so we could use them on our excursion the next day. We showered and dressed for dinner. I even washed my hair, which I never do so close together, but the sweat and pool of the day requires some extra work. We planned to meet friends at a restaurant but after standing around waiting for it to open we discovered it was closed for the night. We ended up at the International buffet. Ry wore the correct mask and the staff fished out food to us. I had sushi. It was all very good!

We end this day tired with our backpack ready to go filled with bug spray, sunscreen, my water camera, our water shoes, and a change of clothes. Our alarms are set for really early and I’m praying I sleep better then I did last night for our adventure tomorrow!


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