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Costa Rica - Day Two - January 2021- Monkeys, Beach Massages, Exploring

  Day Two - Sunday We didn’t make a plan for the morning and I had anticipated that Ry would sleep in while I’d wake early. Seems we were in sink and were up and on the beach for a walk by 7:30! We had a mission to find a small bar along the beach that we had heard about. It is called Monkey’s. We saw the signs and followed a trail into the jungle. Along a dirt road we found an adorable restaurant bar. My definition of adorable is what I would envision a Costa Rican bar to look like. Put together by branches strings tarps with a water tower next to it. Of course there was no one there so early and it is all out in the open so we wandered around looking at all of the dollar bills affixed to the roof, poles, and make shift walls. I took time to check out their seating options before we headed back to the beach. Upon walking a little further down we saw some folks walking out of the jungle. They asked if we had seen the monkeys. We walked up the sandy bank and into a grove of trees that t

Sylvia's Beautiful Braids!

This is Sylvia's 3rd trip to the salon since she came home at age five.  Since they shaved her head while she lived in Uganda, it has been a process to grow her hair out and slowly get her used to all of the pulling and brushing that goes into doing your hair.  It hasn't always been pleasant, but she is a trooper! At home I would have taken multiple days to do her hair because I give her a lot of breaks and I always get interrupted. (hard to believe I know). At the salon you stay until it is done so that part is good.  The part that is not so good is that the parting and braiding took three hours!!  She sat for three straight hours.  No complaints.  No dramatic sighs.  No tears. No wiggles.  This girl is amazing!

Costa Rica - January 2021 - Day One

  Day One - Saturday - January 2021 Two beams of light skim the surface of the snow bank. the surface is illuminated in the dark hours before dawn causing little sparks of light to appear like the sparkling of a million individual diamonds. Unfortunately there are no diamonds. It is just extremely cold. If you have ever experienced cold in Michigan; you have heard the abrupt crunch of the snow underfoot, felt the tightness in your chest when you try to bring the frigid air deeply into your lungs, and have seen the way the frozen surfaces throw light in precarious ways. On this particular cold morning we are heading to a much warmer destination. I am hoping for clear blue skies and a lot of sun. Our $22.63 airport breakfast of stale bagels made into egg sandwiches will have to see us through into a new country mid afternoon today. It filled my belly but left much to be desired at its high price tag. The movie screens and charging plugs are absent on our first flight and I am feeling sli

Universal Studios Day One - Three- December 2020

  Day one 4am comes way too soon the day after Christmas. Actually, it comes too early any time you are forced to get up at that hour but especially when you have spent the last few days running around and staying up late in an attempt to create beautiful and lasting memories for your adored family. By 4:48am we were packed in the cold car and on our way to the airport. Traveling during covid is hit or miss. Do you get to the airport 2 hours early as they suggest (no)? Are there a ton of extra screenings and questions that slow things down? (Not in our experience) Grand Rapids was pretty busy but we walked right through security through the pre-check line, our plane was not at capacity with people placed in every other seat and Atlanta airport was very quiet compared to what I have seen in the past. Transportation from the airport to our resort in Orlando was super smooth as was our check in. No waits, no lines, and very few people. Let’s pause for a minute here and talk about airport