Spain Trip - Day 3 - Seville

Day 3
June 23 - Sevilla (Seville in English)

I do like what Europeans eat for breakfast. Meats, cheese, fruits, and bread. Oh, the breads! They are amazing. I don’t think I realized how amazing bread can be!

We were on the bus by 8:30 and off to the center of Sevilla. A local guide hopped on once we reached a central point and gave us a commentary while the sites went by. Sevilla has some amazing history and buildings. We went into a palace- Royal Alcazar (where some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed), Casa del Pilotos (a palace based on Pontius Pilates house), climbed the bell tower of a cathedral: Giralda Tower, went in the cathedral of Seville, saw all of the beautiful buildings built for the exposition, took a boat ride on the river, saw a bull ring, and had free time to explore.

We foolishly thought that climbing up the cathedral's tower would be a fast trip and we could move on to the next thing. There is only a 1/4 flight of stairs to reach the top and 35 flights of ramps. When we hit the 24th ramp everything came to a standstill. For whatever reason, the people lined up and curled around inside the tower. We waited 20 minutes to move to flight 25. Guards came up bypassing the line and worked their magic to get things moving. As we stepped out of the tower and under the bells they began to ring. Such perfect timing and so deafening! It startled me just a little and I had to plug my ears after a few rings. We waited in the pointless line coming up longer then we spent at the actual top, but I was glad we did it. Christopher Columbus’ tomb is in this cathedral (the third largest cathedral in the world) Unfortunately we didn’t get to view it because it was closed due to a holiday.

After grabbing a quick sandwich we headed with a group to a boat ride. I wouldn’t say I am suffering from jet lag but I would say that I have not caught up in sleep so when we sat on the boat and the nice breeze kept off the heat, my head bobbed a few times.

Our next adventure was to the Bull Fighting Museum. We took some pictures, saw a line to get in and turned around to do something different. Jackson and his friends went in and said the best part was standing in the middle of an actual bull ring.

From there we decided just to explore. We walked down narrow streets that opened up to spacious plazas. Each plaza is named and has places to sit and relax whether it is around a fountain, on a splotch of green grass, or at tables outside of restaurants. One plaza had giant metal structures that looked like mushrooms. They were closed by the time we got there but people can take elevators up to the top and see amazing views of Sevilla. During our exploring, we stopped for some gelato and after feeling a little lost we made it back to the meeting point with time to spare so we stepped into a small little bar down a less inhabited street.

We asked for Sangria and were treated by the bartender making it from scratch in front of us. It was just what we needed after walking all day in the heat.

Back on the bus, we headed to dinner and a show. We watch traditional Flamenco dancers. I love their long skirts and how they kick them up to make them flare. The food was not what I was hoping for and I told the teenagers around me to just take at least three bites and if after that you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it. (can't turn off being a mom) I’m pretty sure they all ended up eating everything on their plate! 
Giralda Tower

Listening to the tour guide but pretending to be a secret agent

Love these kids!!

Our group

Pontius Pilates


Royal Palace

View of Sevilla

River cruise in Sevilla

Bull Ring

One of the many plazas we found


The Mushrooms!

Flamenco Night out!

Going up the ramps in the tower


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