Spain - Day 5 - Madrid

Day 5
Tuesday June 25

It is fitting that we spent a lot of time in Puerta del Sol today in the hub of Madrid because the sun was out in full force! Today’s high was in the upper 90s. I didn’t truly feel it until we got on the bus at the end of the day and the AC didn’t work. That was a long 15-minute ride and I’m pretty sure my face was about to melt off!

We started the day by going to the Prada museum. It was jam-packed with sculptures and paintings. Most of the art featured was from Spanish artists like Goya and Velasquez. The students had studied Spanish artists and did some projects on them so it was a really great experience for them to see the real things!

After our 2 hour visit, we took a walk through some neighborhoods and saw residences of famous artists and where the author of Don Quixote was buried. The streets were narrow and so full of the hustle and bustle of life. I love all of the small verandas, plants, old doorknobs, and the stone streets.

We stopped at Puerta del Sol and were given an hour for lunch. While some of the kids were more interested in shopping and eating KFC or Burger King, I was glad that Jackson continued to try new foods and went to a Tapas restaurant with us. The portions are small but it is really tasty food.

We walked through the plaza to the Palace where we were given a tour by a local guide. The palace was amazing. Everything is original from hundreds of years ago. They even had Stradivarius stringed instruments that are still played.

My favorite room was the changing room. The floor was inlaid with colorful marble in a swirl like pattern. The walls were adorned with fabric that was embroidered with a thread of silver and gold to create a dimensional design. The ceiling had ornate decorations made of what looked like metal. It reminded me of tole chandeliers. The shapes jutted out of the ceiling and pointed toward the floor. It was a spectacular room!

Our next adventure was a bus ride around the city with our guide to see the gate of Madrid, the bull ring, and many other sites including a beautiful park with boats. Our next free time was filled with shopping and wandering the city streets around Puerta Del Sol. Once we were feeling quite tired it was time for a walk to a dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes.

Walking tour of Madrid streets

The Palace

Gate to Madrid

Madrid's bull ring

I totally could be a matador


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