Out West Trip - Day Eleven - Jackson WY

June 26, Tuesday - Day 11
Jackson WY

A lot of screaming and squealing went on today!

We woke up to clear blue skies and the promise of a warm day of outdoor adventure. We started our day in the valleys and ended it in the mountains.

Our first adventure of the day was white water rafting. We went with Mad River Rafting and we weren’t disappointed! They did an excellent job and we had a fantastic time! At one point we had all of the kids toward the front of the boat which resulted in them disappearing under waves during Rapids! They screamed and squealed because of the thrill and the 40 degree water!

At one point I was almost swimming with the fishes, but was able to adjust myself and keep from falling out of the raft in the Knick of time. I was knocked inside of the raft a few times as well. Lola and Tyce were daring and jumped into the cold Snake river but immediately begged to be pulled back out again. Sylvia wanted to join in but we stopped her because frankly the child has no fat on her body and would be a shivering mess! She did get drenched with a wave later and did become the shivering mess we were trying to avoid but she had fun doing it! Jackson paddled so he was drenched as were the rest of the adults. Tyce wanted to be front and center for the action and sat in the front of the raft holding on to the chicken string around the outside of the raft.

We had the best time! Lots of thrills and I felt like the kids were all safe the entire ride.

We picked up deli sandwiches for lunch and then drive to Teton Village. That lace is amazing! There is something for everyone there. I don’t quite know enough about it to talk about it but I liked what I saw and if I could stay there, I would.

We purchased tickets for the aerial tram and took it to the “top of the world”. You sit or stand in a 100 persons cable car and go up the side of the mountain to over 10,000 feet in 12 minutes. Tyce and I sang “I’m on to of the world” by Imagine Dragons. Unfortunately, those are the only words we could come up with! We also were in awe of the skiers who ski some of these runs! They are insane!

The views are outstanding! We played in the snow (Lola pegged me with a snowball while I took a picture - it looked like I peed my pants) tried not to be blown away, had hot chocolate, and had amazing waffles! The small shop on the top of the mountain is famous for its waffles. At first I was like whatever - it’s a waffle. However, they had samples out and hello! They were amazing! Like super amazing! Like I would pick the waffles for my dessert over ice cream amazing! I’m so glad we were able to have samples of a few kinds!

Back down 4,000 or so feet we stopped at the store there and I found some great things in their sale area! Score!

Dinner tonight was sushi. I’m so proud of my kids for being adventurous eaters. It makes things so much easier! After dinner we let the lot of them play cards with their grandparents. Sylvia started them all singing a song about dancing like a popsicle. If we don’t get kicked out of this joint between the kids singing, dancing, fighting, drumming, and screaming about cards, I’m pretty sure this place accepts and welcomes it all!


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