Out West Trip - Day 9 - Yellowstone

June 24, Sunday - Day 9

I had a great night sleep because I wasn’t with a kicker!

We woke up to sunshine and were able to get into our cars a little earlier then the day before.

Today we tackled the south west part of the park which consists mostly of geothermal features. We headed from Canyon to Norris and then down to Madison Junction. At Madison we made a quick stop at the ranger station so I could ask a question. The station is down a little train from the parking lot and sits in a gorgeous little valley. Lush green grass, wild flowers, and streams were all around. I wanted to ask about swimming. We had found out that boiling river was closed but I had read about an area in the Madison area that was also warm where you could swim. Unfortunately I was told that area was closed as well. It is on the Firehole River. If you go down a side road which is one way going south you will see steps and board walks down to the river to swim. We were really disappointed since this was our first fully sunny day!

The thermometers were again huge hits as we went from geyser to vent to hot spring. The kids really were into comparing which features were the hottest and if it was safe to touch streams.

We even saw a geyser erupt before getting to Old Faithful. I didn’t realize that there were so many geysers that erupt with regular frequency. I also didn’t realize that the park estimates when four different geysers will erupt each day and post it for visitors in certain ranger stations.

The Grand Pristmatic Hot Spring was a favorite of mine. If you don’t get there super early, plan on parking on the road and hiking in or coming back around 7pm. It was packed, but we had a nice walk along the river and it was worth it! It is just magnificent. I had thought that photographers beefed up the colors in their photos but I was wrong. The colors are brilliant just as they are!

We pulled into Old Faithful’s ranger station just as it erupted. We ended up spending the rest of our day there.

Ranger badges - ranger talks are awesome
Lunch on benches
Old faithful erupt
Walk the geyser hill and see things erupt and feel the extreme heat. Tyce beat on trees and ash or sediment falls off of them
Hiked up to observation Point - strenuous and lots of bugs went back down before it erupted
Caught it on way down
Tyce fell and Jax Carried him
Bandaged him up and went to the in. For dinner
Huckleberry vodka tonic
Kids all fell asleep on way home

I ran out of time to write it all down!!


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