Out West Trip - Day 12 - Jackson WY

Wednesday, June 27 - Day 12
Jackson WY

“Hey Tyce”
“Hey what?”
“Are you ready”
“For what?”
“To Popsicle!”
“My hands are high my knees are low and this is how you popsicle!”
“Pop- si -cle. Pop-si-cle”

Hours of this song. Our entire family now sings it and dances although this morning Tyce told me that no middle aged woman dances that way! Sigh... Thank you to Sylvia’s Kindergarten teacher for this wonderful jingle! Tyce even added a little bit on the end “Melt it down now”. This has been added to their go to songs and games. The most popular one on this trip is jinx. I had no idea it went on forever! I thought “jinx you owe me a coke” was it. Silly me!

“Jinx. Double Jinx. Triple Jinx. Quadruple Jinx. Black magic. Rainbow. Black eye. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Not it!”

They say this for everything! They get to watch Little House on long drives and they even jinx the characters in the show, the theme music, songs, strangers talking in the distance, anything and everything!

This morning we grabbed sandwiches at the deli on the corner and headed into Teton National Park. Our first stop was Mormon’s Row. It was very picturesque and fun to watch the little critters pop in and out of their holes.

We made a quick stop at Craig Thomas Discovery Center and Menor’s Ferry District. The Discovery center was chocked full of displays and a lot of information but was very busy! Menor’s Ferry had a little general store that is an original building with a lot of antiques in it. The best part is that it has a candy counter so each kid picked one piece of candy to purchase. They even bake cookies in the old stove in the afternoon!

Our next stop was Jenny Lake. They are doing construction there so we had to park on the road and walk a long way. It was packed with people! We took the ferry across the lake and hiked to Hidden Falls. It was a beautiful hike to a gorgeous location. The sun was out and it was hot, but the water from the falls was so cold that we were able to cool off by just standing near the water! Tyce carved VZ 2018 in a large dead log so look for it if you are there! Later we learned that there have been a lot of bear activity in that area. I’m glad we didn’t see any!

We had our picnic lunch in the shade on a picnic table and the kids played a few rounds of cards before we drove to see the Jackson Dam, Signal Mountain Lodge, and drove on the Jenny Lake scenic drive. I had wanted to drive up Signal Mountain but the road was closed.

Our last stop of the day was the Laurence Roosevelt preservation Center. We attended a ranger led program so the kids could get their badge for the Tetons. It appears a lot of hikers park here and hike this area. There is a lot of flat ground in this area and a lot of wildlife. We walked to a steam with a small waterfall. This area is just beautiful, but I don’t think the kids appreciate it the same way that I do.

We headed back to Jackson and had dinner at a barbecue place. We tried to get the kids to go to sleep at a decent time for once!


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