Out West Trip - Day 10 - Yellowstone to Jackson WY

June 25, Monday - Day 10
Yellowstone to Jackson WY

We are running out of clean socks and underwear so it is time to bite the bullet and sit in the basement of our motel and do laundry while the kids are hopefully sleeping peacefully overhead. My kids have the stinkiest feet known to man. I’m serious. I had to tie a pair of socks in a plastic bag because they smelled the entire room up! I could have passed out from the smell!

It was another busy day today! We checked out of Canyon Lodge and headed south. We were bid farewell by huge herds of bison. They didn’t want us to leave and blocked our way while going through Hayden Valley. They even brought their little calves to the side of the road to peer at us with their big sweet eyes. When it didn’t work and we continued our exit, we were stopped by three large male elks. They tried to steer our car in another direction, but we just had to say goodbye.

We soaked in one last stench of rotten egg (or so I led myself to believe, but the smell must have followed us here because our room filled up with it a bit ago!) by stopping at the West Thumb and walking around the geysers and hot springs next to Yellowstone Lake. What a picturesque view with the majestic mountains against a clear sky jutting out of the royal blue of the lake with streaks of orange meandering from the pools of turquoise in the foreground. It was during our last walk that the kids decided they HAD to have a sweatshirt from Yellowstone. Fortunately for them I had to pee and there was a general store at Grant Village and they have generous grandparents! So everyone left Yellowstone happy!

We went from one National Park to another and even though I had planned all of this out, I had no idea the parks were connected. I guess I never looked at a full map of Wyoming!

We drove through majestic mountains of Grand Teton National Forest which I found mesmerizing. The kids weren’t too amazed past their first sighting.

It wasn’t long until we were in Jackson. We have decided that if you are in a town that shares your name you should get everything for free! We spent the rest of the day roaming the streets of Jackson and looking in shops.

Sylvia got some cowboy boots and if she isn't the cutest little cowgirl! I think those things will be glued to her feet!

Jackson is less of a cowboy town and more of a tourist attraction which is super disappointing. I was hoping for more of a Deadwood/Cody type feeling. Instead I feel a little crowded and like all of these people just got off the same cruise ship as we did.

We are staying at Antler Inn which is right in the thick of it all. Three beds and a little table so we are hoping for a peaceful nights sleep before our adventures tomorrow!

playing cards in the lobby - no TVs in Yellowstone!



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