Day 6 - Spain Trip - Toledo, Madrid

Day 6
Wednesday, June 26

Being hangry is a real thing especially for boys. I’m always amazed at how scared boys are of not getting fed. Ryan was rushing around this morning because he was so worried we wouldn’t get breakfast. Yesterday there was a huge line to get food. We got fed but with fewer choices. Today we joined a super long line and were able to eat but the anxiety was still there.

We boarded a new bus with air conditioning and braved rush hour traffic on our way to Toledo, an hour away.

Toledo is beautiful. It is built on a hill surrounded 3/4 by a river with a stone wall enclosing the last 1/4. We visited a beautiful cathedral with 10 pipe organs and 750 stained glass windows. We also visited an old mosque, a chapel with a famous painting by Greco, and a sword-making shop. Toledo is famous for its sword craftsmanship. The part I liked the best about Toledo were the streets. They are narrow, cobbled, and many are decorated with draping flags and flowers.  Heading to the chapel I felt like I was in the movie Tangled.

Back in Madrid, we met at the statue of the bear in Puerta del Sol. Everyone was given a choice in what they wanted to do. Jackson chose to go shopping while we went to Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía 

Not only does it hold phenomenal art inside, but it also is a unique building. One side is a renovated historical hospital and the other side is a modern glass building. It even had a terrace outside surrounded by glass walls overlooking the train station. We saw paintings by Miro, Dali, and Picasso. The highlight was Guernica by Picasso.

After our stroll through the air conditioning, we hiked up hill for 15 minutes to get back to the bear statue in 100-degree heat and direct sun. We were a tiny bit sweaty by the time we went to dinner at the Museum of Ham. (I'm not kidding - translated that is what the restaurant is called) Our main dish was chicken.

We were brought back to the hotel earlier than other nights so the kids could enjoy the pool and hang out. The adults on the trip went directly to the bar for blended mojitos.


Our buses

Not a bad view for lunch in Madrid

Our tour guide aka Sra Showers leading us to the museum

Madrid Train Station

The old building connected to the new more modern building

a view from the museum



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