Day 21 - Spain/France Trip - Paris to Home

July 11, Thursday
Paris to home

Time to say goodbye to Europe. Our flights were smooth and on time. Neither one of us slept on either flight even though our first flight was 8 1/2 hours! We will have to see how well we recover from jet lag. I religiously took a homeopathic to combat jet lag so we’ll see! Travel days aren’t that exciting although I did get randomly selected three times in one flight to be searched and patted down! One agent said I should play the lottery since it was my lucky day. Not sure how lucky it is to be singled out for security checks.

So I end our European vacation bringing back sore and tired feet splattered with bandaids from contact with bike pedals; feet that appear to have sandals on even after they are bare because of tan lines, faded bruises from the French ropes course, a suitcase full of stale and dirty clothes, an equivalent of two years worth of normal bread consumption in my belly, extra pounds from daily deserts (and previously mentioned bread consumption), an extreme feeling of being blessed for spending time with family, lifelong friends, and new friends, a stronger bond with my teenage son and an amazing shared experience that is ours alone, the opportunity to see my son as a maturing young man sharing thoughtful decision making in unique situations, an appreciation for long slow paced dinners, validation that I can keep the pace and sometimes outpace people who are considered to be youthful, a new knowledge of history, cities, culture and arts in areas of the world that were once unfamiliar to me, the feeling of being humbled by the beauty that has been created by man through God’s hands, an increased conviction that all people are kind if given a smile and the opportunity- no matter their culture, race, ethnicity, age, or language, and the ever present love of travel! I can not wait for the next big adventure! (Which right now would be tackling Mount Laundry)😉


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