Day 17 - Spain/France Trip - Paris

July 7, Sunday
Grenoble to Lyon to Paris

I was up early, showered, and dressed so I wouldn’t be in the way as everyone prepared to leave.

We had a light breakfast and packed up three cars to head to the train station. Were were quite the caravan!

At the station we had a bathroom break and proceeded to the correct station. I was glad for native speakers to help, but we probably could have figured it out.

Our train car was not very full at all and we were able to take some of the Variet’s luggage and stow it for them. The train is a double decker train with stairs to the upper compartment. It wasn’t a bad ride at all despite the little boys who were running around screaming and had to be removed a few times by their father over the two hour duration or the fear that we wouldn’t get off at the correct stop. I did feel truly French as I sat in the train eating French bread with butter and ham for my lunch though!

Our stop came and although I could not understand anything that was said I saw the signs outside of the train car. We wrestled our luggage down and wheeled it to find the Variet’s.

Once all together again it took us a bit to figure out where to find our next mode of transportation. I’m thankful that Ben speaks French. It helped but the entire process was confusing and with three little kids and so many pieces of luggage it was even more stressful!

Our taxi ride was an hour long to get to Paris. Jackson was pretty excited and told me some inside tips about the city as we drove.

Our hotel was a Holiday inn located in the Latin Quarter. Perfect location. We are right down the road from Plac de St Michael and surrounded by cafes! The only problem with our room was that the toilet seat and lid were not attached to the toilet. I called right away and they said they would fix it, but when we returned to our room after 11pm I had to call again. They sent up a 7 foot tall security guard with a plugger in hand. I laughed and said nope - that is not going to fix it! He was very confused. He took away the lid and seat and said they would fix it in the morning. They did end up putting us in a new room which was bigger so we were happy!

At any rate, we dropped all of our luggage, looked at a map, tried not to fall in when peeing and left to had to the Eiffel Tower.

It was about a 45 minute walk. I loved it. Jackson was not fond of me stopping to take pictures along the way- he was on a mission!  We got to the tower and found the Variet’s. We all went to the boat ride on the Seine. It was a scenic ride with an audio tower through your phone.

After the ride we went to see how long the lines were to go up the tower. It was about an hour wait and then another hour before going up to the top so we decided to take cabs to the Arc de Triumph.

We walked around and climbed the stairs to the top of the Arc. What a magnificent view! After taking it all in, we went back down again and wandered around.

We headed down the champs——- the street with all of the expensive stores. In fact we say a Louis Vito’s store where their corporate offices are. They have fancy sports cars parked next to it. You can rent the cars for 30 minutes to take a spin!

Ben led us to a restaurant off the beaten path and we all had a great meal! By the time we were done it was 10:30 and dark. I followed Jackson’s directions because I had not clue where I was. I’m so had he has a good sense of direction!

We walked through the city of lights and I thought it was fantastic! Again I was told I couldn’t keep stopping to take pictures! I’m not sure that walking in a new foreign city with my son when it was almost midnight was the safest thing to do, but all went well and we saw the city at night which was on my list anyways!

We arrived at our hotel at 11:30 and then had to deal with the giant plumber before finally settling into bed!


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