Day 16 - Spain/France Trip - Grenoble

July 6, Saturday
Grenoble, France

We stayed in bed longer this morning. All of these late nights and early mornings are catching up with us!

The day was spent with a really really long lunch, resting, packing, and playing with the girls. We did go to the grocery store for a few items as well. Lunch consisted of what we may consider a roast all cooked in a special dish in the oven. It has lamb, chicken, potatoes, carrots, and a few other items I couldn’t place. We cut fresh cilantro to put over the top and viola! We also if course had bread and sausage to start and cheese and then dessert which were two very delicious looking cakes. One was with raspberries and the other a creamy hazelnut filling. During lunch we had a liquor mixed with champagne. Jackson learned how to open the cork of the champagne bottle and did it perfectly on his first try. We learned that when champagne is opened the tradition is to put a euro in the cork and write the date on it and keep it for good fortune.

On this trip we have learned many things about different cultures. We also learned that in Spain and Mexico if a fork or knife is dropped it means an unwanted male visitor with appear at your door. If a spoon is dropped, a female will come knocking. Therefore, any time silverware is dropped you need to kick it to avoid the unwanted visits!

Dinner was served at 9 pm but we were forced to move it indoors as the sky darkened and a storm seemed to be prowling toward us. Rain was brief but there was a lot of thunder and lightning. The main course for dinner was rice with chicken and morel mushrooms in a sauce made from a special wine and butter. We were served that wine with our meal. The wine had a very different strong taste. The meal was very good! After the main course we were served different cheeses. Once the cheese are plated out, you are instructed in which order to eat them. They start mild and increase in strength as you go. Of course we ended the meal with dessert which was chartreuse ice cream with a very small glass of chartreuse.


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