Day 14 - Spain Trip - Barcelona to France!

Day 14
July 4 Thursday

Our air quit during the night but I had been freezing the night before so I wasn’t too upset. We were up early and on the bus before most kids opened their eyes.

The check-in went smoothly although it was a little confusing and I asked questions at each step. At least it wasn’t like Uganda’s airport!! We first had to look on a board and when your flight was up it announced which window to go to in order to check-in. Once in that area we went to a kiosk and scanned our passports to get our boarding passes and luggage tags. We had to put on our own tags and then bring our bags to a conveyor where we scanned the tag and the screen greeted us by name and then our bag rolled away. When we went through security we scanned our boarding pass and didn’t get any of the paperwork checked by a person. The board shows the general area your flight will depart from but not the exact gate so we went to that area. Lucky for Jackson and I who are traveling to Lyon and not with the group, we had to wait in the same area. We were able to sit with the group and wait and once they left for their gate we were serenaded by a little girls singing in Spanish. The gate numbers were announced an hour before. By the time we walked to our gate, it was time to board. We had to go downstairs and get on a bus which took us to our plane and then we had to walk upstairs to our seats in the back of the plane.

The flight was smooth and quiet.

In Lyon we were greeted by Ben and Vicki and Cecile and Puiop. Jackson drove with Cecile and Puiop and I rode with Ben and Vicki. We were greeted warmly and proceeded to start lunch which lasted until 5:30 pm!

We sat at wrought iron tables under the shade of the trees in the garden. We were surrounded by flowers blue sky and a mountainous view. We were given a glass of champagne to toast our arrival. I allowed Jackson to join in on this as well. Our first course was a thinly sliced piece of sausage, bread and butter. We were told that the French put butter in everything so we should also use the butter. There was a lot of laughter and talking in French and English. I had the sense that if someone were looking in on our group from a distance we would be the perfect setting for a scene in a movie. The plate of sausage continued to be filled as well as the bread basket. Bens dad presented everyone with wine. He opened bottle after bottle. If you hadn’t finished what you had you could either throw it out our accept the wine to refresh your old wine.  It was about enjoying it and not trying to finish it all.

Salads of fresh green beans with tomatoes and basil, shredded carrots with raisins, and loose leaf salad were all put on the table. Along with those came two different cooked sausage grilled chicken and grilled steak. Each time I thought we were complete more food appeared in the table and more wine in my glass!

A plate of beautiful desserts were presented and then artisan handmade ice creams from the area. I had the rhubarb.

After dessert we had 3 kinds of soft cheeses with bread and a liquer. One of the cheeses had truffles in it and there was a certain order we were to eat them in.

Finally, lunch was done and I was ready to roll down the mountain I was so full! It was decided that Jackson would head to Cecile and Puiops house to spend the night with Chloe and Maxim. I spend the early evening watching the three girls in the pool, exploring the hidden wine cellar, making a treasure map, and taking a hike further up the mountain.

Dinner came around 9. It was much lighter and was wine with some crackers and then a crepe with cheese ham and eggs.

The sun began to set and it cooled off. It was calm and quiet when I headed to bed around 11:30 pm.


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