Day 13 - Spain Trip - Barcelona

Day 13
July 3 Wednesday

Our last day in Barcelona! We started out with a little walking tour of Barcelona near Las Ramblas. It was so exciting for me to see things that looked familiar. I have discovered that my favorite part about Europe may be the small cobbled streets that are only for pedestrians and perhaps the random compact car. I love strolling down the streets and people watching with the chairs tables and umbrellas set out for people to drink coffee and debate the issues of life.

We also hopped on bikes and took a ride around Barcelona. Although the seat hurt my rear and it was really hot and my helmet kept sliding to the side restricting my peripheral vision, I loved this part of our trip! It could have been because we got to our destinations faster, or because we stopped at a beautiful beach that had been created for the ‘92 Olympics, or because there was a slight breeze while riding, but really it was because we saw so many sights that we familiar to me from 27 years ago!

We went by the zoo and I recognized the building. Through the park I saw the lake I went in a boat with friends and rowed around in as well as a huge fountain! We also saw courtyards and streets and at least one cafe I knew I tried a coffee at! That was great fun to share with Ryan. (Jackson was riding with a different group)

We ate a light lunch of some tapas in the market, grabbed some watermelon, and fresh juice and headed toward the beach. The walk wasn’t that long but it was really hot! We were more then ready to cool off in the ocean. The only problem was that we had to change into our suits somewhere. We thought about doing it behind a towel, but I had to use the bathroom too so we ended up using the beach public toilet. It was well over 90 degrees and we were already sweating. I squeezed into a 3 by 3 box filled with a toilet with no seat, a sink, a soap dispenser, and a toilet paper dispenser. Can you see where I am going with this? Not a lot of room to move around. Thankfully I had no mishaps of items going into the toilet but by the time I wrestled into my suit I looked like I had already been in the ocean! Ugh.

We walked around other beach goers through the venders selling umbrellas, mojitos, and massages, and put our items near the water. The beach was hot and sandy up until about 6 feet in front of the water. As you got closer to the water there were rocks. They started off large and became the size of gravel closer to the shore until you got into the water where they were smooth and bigger. The water was very refreshing and it was a relief to float carelessly on the waves. Getting out of the water by onto the beach was a bit of a challenge. Walking onto the shoreline we sunk into the gravel. The sinking wasn’t so bad, it was the pulling your feet back out while trying to balance to pull out your next foot.

We alternated laying on the beach and swimming in the water for as long as we thought our skin could handle the rays of sun. We spent the rest of our free time shopping, wandering the streets and sitting to have our last drinks.

Our final dinner was on the pier in the port of Barcelona. This dinner was lass confusing. We had bread, salad, and paella. It was a nice last meal. The only bad thing about it was that Emily, one of the students, had her purse stolen. She was sitting at the end of the table, got up to use the bathroom with her purse under the table and someone came and grabbed it. Thank goodness she had taken her phone out of her purse and the teacher had her passport! And thank goodness it was the last day of the trip! Could have been much much worse. In the scheme of it all after so much travel with 74 people leaving a phone in a bathroom and being able to go back for it and it was still there and one purse being stolen was not bad...


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