Day 10 - Spain Trip - San Sebastian

Day 10
June 30 Sunday

I hit 24,000 something steps and 80 flights of stairs today!

We took a day trip to San Sebastián. It is the most beautiful and popular city beach in all of Europe. It has a crescent shaped wide beach with high rise buildings right beyond it so it is truly in the city.

The old town is all narrow streets only for pedestrians with beautiful parks. We even found a park with a waterfall in it! It is in Basque Country so you see everything written in both spanish and basque with basque flags flying.

This was the first time a group of students were left behind the rest of the group. We all tumbled off the bus and went to wait in line for restrooms but after a bit of a wait David ( the other bus’ guide) was tired of waiting and said he would take us to a different bathroom. I watched a large group go but knew that Jackson was still in the bathroom so I waited with Ryan for him to emerge and walked with him to catch up with the group. A guide stayed behind and waited but no one else came out so he also joined the group. A trio of students went to a vending machine and when they came back the group was gone. They did the right thing and stayed where they were. When we did our count off we figured out who was gone and a teacher and guide went back for them. Wow did that give me anxiety. For half the morning I felt super anxious!!

Once everyone was accounted for the students were assigned groups and were given time to do a scavenger hunt. They were forced to interact with local people in spanish to complete their tasks. At dinner they announced the winners and Jackson’s group won! They received prizes of a key chain and plastic swords.

While the students were busy the adults had free time to explore. Ryan and I stopped in a church during mass and walked toward the water. We then wandered around town. It was fun to navigate on our own.

We had lunch which were p. Again and then had a gofre. This is a warm waffle with toppings like ice cream and caramel on top! So yummy!! We did a little shopping and then set off to find a lookout point with a bar so we could see the beaches.

Somehow we accidentally took a trail that took us up one side of a mountain. We continued to climb looking for a place to enjoy the view and the small restaurant we had heard about. We never found the restaurant and the view point came when we reached the top- it was the top of an old fort with a large statue in the tippy top.

We were sweating and had to use the bathroom urgently so after some quick pictures we rushed back down to find an ASEO. We made it in time probably because Ry wouldn’t even stop to let me take a picture of him on the way down.

We walked right to the beach and took a stroll through the water along the shoreline. The water wasn’t too chilly but it also wasn’t too warm either. Although there were quite a few people in the water. The day was very overcast but comfortable (hot on the mountain however)

We had time to walk part way down the beach and back before loading on the bus again. Our next stop was on the opposite shoreline on the side of the mountain at an amusement park. It had bumper cars, a small roller coaster, a little boat ride, and even a haunted house! The views were amazing!

Back at the hotel we packed up in preparation for an early morning and I fell right asleep!


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