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Day 7 - Spain Trip - Segovia and La Playa

Day 7 Thursday, June 27 Segovia, Playa We bid Madrid farewell and made the trek north. I watched out the window of our bus as the landscape slowly changed. We went from an arid dry region through miles and miles of fields to lush grasses and into mountainous regions. I loved the blocks of yellow fields against the green and the mountains. It was a very windy day so I was able to watch waves rush through dry land. The wind whips through the fields bending the vegetation giving the appearance of waves. I love to watch those waves. We stopped in Segovia. Segovia has an amazing aqueduct that extends all the way from the mountains 9 miles away built by the Romans. It is still functioning and amazing! The streets of Segovia are narrow and cobbled. The buildings have designs etched on their exteriors. We toured the third largest cathedral (Sevilla is number 1 and Toledo is number 2). We went to visit the palace but they closed it just as we got there because the wind was so strong. It b