Out West Trip - Day Eight - Yellowstone

Saturday, June 23 - Day 8

“Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like a memory.”

I woke up with that song in my head. It was probably because it was raining yet again!

The kids got to split up and the girls spent the night with Nana and Bumpa in their room since we would have had to blow up mattresses for two kids if all six of us stayed in one room. The boys could not settle down so I ended up sharing a bed with Jackson. That boy is a kicker!!

We are all getting used to the time change and aren’t jumping out of bad as fast anymore, but we were still up and on the road by 8:15 ish.

Part of being at Yellowstone is just driving and looking at the scenery. It is all about the journey and not the destination. It’s been a long journey in the car but today the kids didn’t mind it at all!

Our first stop was Norris Basin. We went on board walks to see the hot springs, geysers, vents, and mud pots. We have given the kids many lectures on staying on the board walks near the geothermal features, but it still makes me nervous to have them within 20 feet of scalding water. I know they have been listening because after getting out of the shower today Tyce looked at me with shock and concern. “I thought the water was too hot and you couldn’t take a shower!” I had to explain how the shower water was different from the geothermal features in the park.

I gave the kids temperature gauges that they can point an infrared laser and measure the temperature of something. These were a big hit! The kids compared the heat of different features and water. It kept them very entertained as well as other tourists when the kids were measuring the temperature of things like each other, fences, and my butt! (In case you were wondering, it was always hot btw)

We made our way to Mammoth Hot Springs and on the way to one of the terraces we were side tracked by a stream. The water was so so warm from cascading off of the rocks from the earth that the vegetation around it was brown. We walked along the stream looking for skat and tracks and finding a ton. Tyce’s new favorite thing to do is find bison poop and throw a big rock into it to see how fresh it is. As long as it doesn’t splatter on anyone I’m ok with that.

We drove out to Rosevelt Arch for a picture and to be in Montana and headed right back in the park. We were very disappointed the Boiling River was closed because of how high the water is right now. We had to switch up our plans and went to the visitor center in Mammoth Springs and had a picnic lunch.

From there we headed into Lamar Valley. I now know why people love that area! We saw hundreds of bison, antelope, elk, and even a grizzly cub! We got out a few times and climbed rocks just for fun!

Our dinner adventure was a wagon cookout starting from Roosevelt. I did this as a kid but it was much different. We rode in wagons pulled by a team of two horses to Pleasant Valley where a steak dinner was waiting for 200 of us. The food and scenery were excellent. I know the kids loved it! We even saw more bison and some coyotes!

After our filling dinner we started on our way back to our hotel. Nothing moves too fast here especially if an animal is spotted. We were so lucky to come upon a momma black bear and her three cubs on our way back! They were adorable and pretty close to the road. I loved watching them run through the tall grass. What was even better is all the kids could see them without their binoculars!

What a day! We have seen so many animals up close and personal and so many land features! I love that the kids are learning so much! - I am too!

How hot is it?

Using a temperature gauge for the springs


Baby Grizzly!



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