Out West Trip - Day 7 - Yellowstone

June 22, Friday - Day 7

Breakfast was fried potatoes with onions, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and ham. What a great way to start a day!

We took one more drive through Cody and stopped at the grocery store to get items for lunch and breakfasts before heading on the road to Yellowstone.

It didn’t take long to get to Yellowstone from Cody. The views continued to be amazing. As soon as the kids saw snow they begged to play in it! You would have thought they had never seen snow in their lives! Just a few months ago I couldn’t pay them to go play outside in the snow! They all ran up the side of a steep hill and then ran, slipped, and rolled back down it.

We also stopped along a little stream and walked a little. We found bison tracks and scat. The kids thought that was amazing. We began to see Bison right after our stop. Before checking in to Canyon Lodge we went to the visitor’s center to get Jr Ranger books and check things out. Rangers are so helpful. They tell you where to find animals and give you all kinds of tips. Many of the visitor centers have displays and educational material in them as well.

We were able to stop at the mud volcano and walk around some of the other boiling and roiling water and mud. The kids were not fans of the rotten egg smell, but after being in the car so long with boys who ate chili two nights in a row, we were kind of used to it.

We also saw the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the upper and lower falls. What amazing views those sights are! We were rained on intermittently but that didn’t dampen how gorgeous it all was.

For dinner we had reservations at Canyon Lodge. The food and service were fantastic! We all tried huckleberry ice cream. I thought it was ok but not my all time favorite.

We attempted to see more animals in Hayden Valley and did see deer and a lot more bison. We even had one walk right past our window on the road. At one point we got out and walked on a trail near a lake. We saw a bison swimming in the lake which was a cool sight!

Ringing the bell for breakfast

On the way to Yellowstone

There is snow here!

So slippery!

Exploring in Yellowstone

The explorer!

First taste of Yellowstone National Park and they LOVE it!


So Stinky!

Because I told him he could not leave the boardwalk

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Traffic jam


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