Out West Trip - Day Six - Cody WY

June 21, Thursday - Day 6
Cody, WY

We woke up to sunshine this morning! We could finally see mountains in the distance. Our breakfast of French toast, hash browns, eggs and sausage was cooked for us over an open fire outside. Somehow cooking and eating outside makes things taste better!

The kids ran in the fields with some friendly dogs laughing wildly. I watched the grass turn into waves as the wind blew through it. It is so beautiful here.

After breakfast we walked down the muddy red dirt road to visit the two horses and two donkeys. One of the horses does tricks, but we didn’t see him do any. We went into their pasture and they all trotted to us. They were looking for treats. They were very friendly. Tyce nuzzled up to all of them immediately.

We heard gunshots and knew it must be time for us to go to our shooting experience. A true old cowboy was our instructor. We each were given one on one instructions for a variety of different guns. My favorite was the first one. I hit the target each time and it didn’t have any kick. The shot gun was a bit scary. It was hard to pull the trigger and the cowboy held my shoulder so I wouldn’t fall back from the kick!

Lola decided she would rather not try it out, but Sylvia wanted to shoot and she was allowed to. She thought it was great and didn’t do too bad! We shot metal targets and also tried to hit a bullseye target. I was surprised how well Tyce and Jackson did!

It was hot on the shooting range and when we were done the kids were all worn out and their attitudes reflected it so we decided to go to the candy store to all pick out a treat. With treat in hand we boarded a trolley tour to learn all about Cody. We learned about the past as well as the present and it was very interesting.

We stopped for a quick piece of pizza as a late lunch and then went to my parents’ hotel to swim. It was nice to hang out and have the kids laugh and play all together. We were forced out when clouds moved in and thunder rolled overhead. It was a good thing because it forced us back to the ranch so we could do laundry and put on warmer clothes.

Cody Cattle Company was a great experience. It was an all you can eat buffet and a show. We all liked the food and the cowboy entertainment!  What was even better is that our trip crossed paths with the trip of our friends!  So fun to see them and spend the night with them!

After dinner and a show we went next door to the rodeo. In the summer it is held every night. I have never been to a rodeo and discovered that I am not a huge fan. I liked the barrel racing and didn’t mind the roping of the calves when they immediately let go of the rope after they lasso them, but I didn’t like the rest. It is more dangerous then I realized!

The kids told me they liked some parts but felt bad for the animals. They did get a chance to go out and try to catch a calf to win a prize. Tyce wanted to get that calf so bad, but was pushed down by some bigger kids. They still had a fun new adventure though!

It was a late night and we were in a hurry to get the kids to sleep to face the next day of adventures!

Time to ring the bell for breakfast!

A hearty cowboy breakfast outside over a fire!

Look at all those birds sitting on the horse!

The instructor held us on the shoulder while we shot the shotgun.  That thing has a lot of kick!

Shooting from the hip

getting roped

The band at Cody Cattle company

The Rodeo


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