Out West Trip - Day Five - Devil's Tower, Cody WY

June 20, Wednesday - Day 5
Devil’s Tower, Cody WY

We were up and ready to go before 8am so we went to the diner on the corner for breakfast.

After a hearty breakfast we set off in the rain- surprise surprise! It took us about an hour to get to Devil’s Tower. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to see it because there was a lot of fog but as we got closer the clouds moved. The rain continued to hound us, but we weren’t stopped by it!

The kids had filled in a Devil's Tower Jr Ranger guide in the car so we took it to the visitor’s center so they could get their badges. Just before all of the buses arrived we headed on Tower Trail. It’s a paved trail and pretty smooth and very picturesque!

Tyce took his bag filled with his binoculars, compass, whistle, tracking guide, and other hiking items. He refused to be on the trail but had to hike between the boulders.

The rain started to lessen and by the time we left it was a light drizzle and cars were lined up to come in. And so began out five hour drive to Cody WY.

It was a beautiful drive. Rolling hills, grasslands, flowers, mountains, snow, and even a water fall. We saw a lot of prairie dogs, deer, cows, horses, and antelope. We even saw a bald eagle and two moose! Of course we pulled over to watch the moose and take pictures! I have never seen a real moose before so I was very excited!

I didn’t realize that we would be going over a mountain. We reached an elevation of 8,500 feet. The roads had a lot of twists and turns in them and it was a bit disarming looking over the side at the drops from the road.

We zig-zagged our way through a few small towns one of which had 82 residents. I love the little towns that pop up out of nowhere. We always try to speculate how many people there are and what they do for a living.

Cody is not one of those small towns. We knew that the second we drove up and saw a fast food restaurant. We drove through it and know it has a lot of restaurants (I’m so happy for some choices for food that isn’t fried!) and shops. We also saw some tourist attractions and museums as well as the rodeo.

Our accommodations were a little bit outside of town. We passed some gorgeous homes and even saw deer eating peoples’ front bushes. (Cody has a population of about 200 deer who roam the streets and neighborhoods. Many people have their landscaping protected by fencing from the deer.) As we continued our drive Ry gave me a look and asked if I was sure I had the right address. We appeared to be in the middle of nowhere with nothing in sight except rolling hills of grass and flowers. It was a beautiful scene but not the one he wanted at that moment.

Thankfully the ranch we were staying at was marked well and we found it easily. K3 Ranch. We were greeted warmly and given a tour. It is a bed and breakfast of sorts and very spacious. We have the chuck wagon room which accommodates our entire family. One of the beds is actually a chuck wagon!

After getting settled we headed into town to have Mexican and explored a few shops.

We again retired later then what we had planned and wanted but seeing the kids all snug in bed each reading a book quietly was a scene I didn’t want to disturb right away!

Just empty land and our vehicle


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