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Out West Trip - Day Six - Cody WY

June 21, Thursday - Day 6 Cody, WY We woke up to sunshine this morning! We could finally see mountains in the distance. Our breakfast of French toast, hash browns, eggs and sausage was cooked for us over an open fire outside. Somehow cooking and eating outside makes things taste better! The kids ran in the fields with some friendly dogs laughing wildly. I watched the grass turn into waves as the wind blew through it. It is so beautiful here. After breakfast we walked down the muddy red dirt road to visit the two horses and two donkeys. One of the horses does tricks, but we didn’t see him do any. We went into their pasture and they all trotted to us. They were looking for treats. They were very friendly. Tyce nuzzled up to all of them immediately. We heard gunshots and knew it must be time for us to go to our shooting experience. A true old cowboy was our instructor. We each were given one on one instructions for a variety of different guns. My favorite was the first