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Today court opens back up in Uganda.  We expect we will hear next week when our court date is.  Once we have that date we will secure flights and living arrangements in Uganda.  It is then that we will know when we will meet our youngest child! This adoption is different then our Guatemalan adoption.  It is different in that we have to be able to just let go and not plan.  We don't know each day what we will be doing or where we will be.  Things can change quickly and everything is then rearranged.  In Guatemala, we knew where we would be, who would be with us, and how things would go.  In Uganda, each case is different so we have to be able to just roll with it.  That is so so difficult for me to do!  I am not a roller!  Knowing that court is now open is driving me nuts!  No, I didn't expect to get a date today, but boy would that have been fantastic! :)  So we wait.  And I ask questions.  Lots and Lots of questions!  In fact, there is a facebook page all about Ugandan ado