Precious Paper...shipping the Dossier off!

I feel like I just sent my child off to camp! 

I have been working on this stack of papers since September!  I have been guarding it from the children, the dog, dust, and anything else that it may come into contact with.  I have checked and rechecked the dates, the number of copies, and the signatures over and over again.  Today I checked them for the final time and took them off to UPS.

I set them on the scale and the worker actually had to measure how high the pile of paperwork was before finding a box to fit it all!  I watched her tape it shut and affix the address label.  I checked one more time that it was the correct address and paid to have it shipped to my agency.

I actually did feel like I should have hugged the paperwork or waved good bye to send it on it's way.  Not because I am glad to have it out of the house (even though I am over joyed!), but because that pile of paperwork will determine our timeline for bringing our daughter home and if in fact we can bring her home or not!  That paperwork is worth so much more then it cost to ship it. (and it wasn't pennies!!)  It is very precious paperwork- so do me a favor and say a little prayer that it gets to the correct person on the correct day at the correct time.  When I hear it has arrived, that is when I will breath a sigh of relief!!!  One more step completed on our journey!
The completed dossier!


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