Letters from Homeland Security

Adopting is stressful.  Just when you think you have a handle on everything and are ahead of the paperwork you receive a four page letter to tell you otherwise. 

We were warned this could happen.  Apparently, the offices of the government can change their requirements whenever they want to and they do not post these changes anywhere.  The way a person finds out about these changes is by submitting the paperwork and then getting a letter in the mail to tell you of all of the changes and until you meet those changes your application can not be processed!  Our letter was four pages long and on pink paper.  Maybe the pink was meant to soften the blow...  It really just made me want to puke.

We are lucky though.  The elements missing are just words in our home study.  I don't have to search out documents or track down people.  My home study agency just has to add more words.  Let's say a little prayer that they are not bogged down and can make the changes quickly and get the appropriate papers delivered as soon as possible!

This is the fifth letter I have received from Homeland Security in the past week!  I was so excited to get the other four.  (if neighbors saw our mail with that return address they may wonder what was going on over here! bet you didn't know that foreign adoption approval comes from Homeland Security!)  I'm not so excited today.

So all you future adoptive families who will use our home study agency or our placing agency - you are welcome because now you will not get a pink colored letter that will make you want to puke and make you wonder if you still are able to go in and get fingerprinted next week because it takes time to get these appointments and they only give you one specific day and time to do it.  You will not add on a month of waiting time with your documents like we just have!  You are welcome!



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