Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Get Ready for the Home Study!

Tonight we have our second home study meeting. 

What does this mean exactly?  It means I act like a maniac cleaning all day long and make sure everything is in its place and that I have paperwork ready to hand over!

The first visit was a week ago and I spent the day cleaning as well only to discover that we sat at the table for two hours!  I guess they did see our bathroom when they used it so good thing that was taken care of!

We spent that time just getting to know each other.  What lead us to adoption, signing papers, asking questions, what the process is like, and what they brought to the table as well.  We have two social workers coming because one is new so the other is supervising.   Usually for a home study you would just work with one social worker.

Our meeting tonight will be a bit different.  They will ask us more questions about goals and ourselves and question the kids.  Oh man... I tried asking the kids questions that I thought they may ask and boy do I have some sarcastic children who think they are super funny!  Wonder where that comes from!?  The children will give the social workers a tour of our house and who knows what will come out of their lovely mouths!  I have been told that Ry and I will not be involved in any of this so there will be no explaining or expanding on what they say.  Say a prayer for us! :)

I haven't written in awhile, but fall is just so busy!  That doesn't mean I haven't been collecting paperwork and getting more information about things.  My silence just means there is really nothing new to tell about the adoption and I am too busy with the other three children!  They are in football, flag football, soccer, piano, choir, and drums!  Some nights we don't get to sit down all together as a family to eat which is our habit so when we hit November I will be happy for the slow down!

As I was thinking about all of the awesome and welcomed chaos in our lives I'm sure that people ask why do we do this to ourselves?  Why add another child now?  I actually found this written on someone's page the other day and felt it fitting:  "Birthing or adopting children is almost never logical. As my sweet friend Sarah says, "There is always a better time." A time when we have more money, more time, less kids in the house, older kids...there is always a much more logical scenario I can dream up to do anything."

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Baby Steps...

Ryan always teases me because he says I move on "Amy Time".  I want things done when I want them done and it is usually at lightning speed!  But really, who doesn't want things accomplished in their time frame?

So dealing with adoption timelines are difficult for me- to say the least.  Maybe that is why they give you lists of paperwork that have to be signed multiple times and notarized.  It gives you something to do while you wait.

I really can't complain about waiting on things at this point in the game though.  (It's only been a week!)  I'm just preparing for the future months!  We were assigned a case worker after about 3 days of the agency receiving our application and deposit.  I'm excited about this because she will be working with us to complete our home study.  This is really what can take a huge bulk of time.  I have the check list in hand of what she will need to complete the paperwork so when we meet face to face for the first time, my hope is to hand it all over to her!

I'm also excited about the case worker herself.  Although I have not spoken to her, I know that she spent the summer in Uganda so she will be so very helpful to us when making our plans to travel to get our daughter!  Sometimes it's those small pieces of the puzzle that you never expected to fit or were looking for that are the pivotal pieces!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I didn't think at this stage in life I would have to be reading material and taking tests on it.  I also didn't think that my past strategies in taking tests would no longer work, but I learned the hard way today!  I actually failed a test!

As part of our adoption process we have to take some courses and get credit hours.  We need to accumulate a certain number of hours on certain topics.  The topics we are focusing on are all related to international adoption.  These topics are not new for us.  We had to take classes the first time we adopted and have to take classes each year to renew our foster care license.

The courses we are doing are online.  They have the text and audio with slides.  I can read much faster then the people speak so I thought I would zoom through it, jot some notes down, and then take the exam.

Apparently, if you do not spend enough time online in the course you can not pass the course material!  I had all of the answers right but because I spent 17 minutes on the material that they suggested should take 90 minutes, they wouldn't let me pass!

Lesson learned!  Is it bad that I am trying to beat the system right now and taking a course at this exact moment?  If it is in an open window it will run the time up so hopefully I can pass!