We are Expecting!!

Our fourth child is waiting in Uganda, Africa!

We are so excited to announce that we will be adopting again!  This time our daughter will come from Uganda.  Her future siblings are thrilled!  Lola is ready to wear matching outfits and Jackson is ready to switch rooms!  Tyce is a little bummed not to have a younger boy to beat up on, but I'm sure he will figure something out....

I'm sure you have some questions so here is our FAQ section:

  • What???!!!
    • see above
  • You're crazy!
    • Not really a questions, but yup that about sums it up! :)
  • Why Uganda?
    • Uganda has roughly 2.4 million orphans.  AIDS and poverty has taken its toll on the population.  There is a huge need for these children to have forever homes.  The wait time for a referral is relatively short when looking at International adoption, the country is beautiful, the timeline to complete everything is less then most countries, and you do not have to live in the country for months on end.
  • Why don't you adopt from Guatemala again?
    • Guatemala adoptions remain closed to outside countries.  In fact, we were lucky to get Lola home when we did!  Adoptions shut down very soon after she was home!
  • Are you adopting a baby?
    • No.  I am too old for a baby!  Our youngest is 7 so we have requested that our child be 3-6 years old at the time of referral.  We want to stick with the same birth order which is why we are not going older then 6.
  • Boy or Girl?
    • We are requesting a girl.  It makes sense with the children we have and through fostering so many children we have found that a girl works best in our household.
  • Aren't you scared to adopt an older child?
    • I'm scared of what our life would be missing if we didn't adopt an older child.  After having foster kids, we have seen a lot and we know what we can handle and what we would prefer not to handle.  We filled in forms about what we were willing to accept much differently this time around as compared to the first time we adopted!
  • How long will it take?
    • I have asked so many different agencies this question so many times and there is never a concrete answer.  We are hoping the total process from start (sending in our initial application) to finish (bringing our daughter home) will be 12 months.  Of course I am hoping and praying for sooner, but I'm trying to prepare myself for that timeframe.  With Lola it took 11 months from start to finish.  If we were adopting from Ethiopia it would take about 2 1/2 years.  If we were adopting from Vietnam it would be closer to 3 years.  Other countries could be closer to four years.  This all depends on how flexible you are in accepting a child.  If you want a healthy infant, the wait is longer then for a teenager.
  • How much does it cost?
    • That is the wrong question.  The question should be how much richer will our life be with a new child in it and that answer is Priceless!  The fees we pay are legal and travel fees to facilitate the process.  We are not buying a child.
  • When will you know who she is?
    • If there is a child that would fit our family we may know sooner rather then later.  We will have to do what is a called a Home Study.  This will be our third one!  We had one done when we adopted Lola and then another one done when we became licensed to do foster care.  A home study is an intensive look into your life.  It is a very long report that tells someone from the outside all about you and life around you.  It can take about two months to complete.  It could be at that time that we are referred to a child or it could be after we complete the paperwork for the dossier.  The dossier is more paperwork that the country requires in order to adopt.  Believe me, when we know, we will let people know!
If you have more questions please let me know!  I love adoption and would be happy to share!!


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