Two down only one more to go...

I think at least one of our children should aspire to be an orthodontist!  Holy hardware! 

First it was Jackson getting an expander on the top, then one on the bottom, and finally braces on the top!  It makes a HUGE difference with his jaw and teeth!  Wow!

Now it is Lola's turn.  I originally brought her in to see the orthodontist because she had one tooth that was pointy and another tooth coming in right in front of it.  It was determined that her pointy tooth was an extra tooth (supernumerary tooth) which after some research I found many children from Guatemala have supernumerary teeth.

She had this pulled and it was a pretty easy procedure, but had the grossest sound I have ever heard!  She handled it like a champ and put it under her pillow for an extra prize from the tooth fairy.

For those of you looking forward to your visit with the orthodontist here are the steps we took that seem pretty universal now adays.

  1. Initial consult:  This was free and our orthodontist, Dr. Armbrecht, sat down with Lola and I after looking at her teeth and x-rays from our dentist.  He showed her models of teeth and pictures on a television screen of what he would do.
  2. First Appointment:  Lola went in nervous, but the Orthodontics Assistant that she and Jackson both initially saw was phenomenal!  It was her job to take pictures of Lola's teeth from the outside as well as the inside.  She also made a mold of Lola's teeth and finally put in spacers.  What made her so great was that she talked to Lola and told her exactly what she was going to do and involved her in each step.  Lola helped to mix the mold and was able to handle each thing that would be used.  She LOVED it and was smiling the entire time!
  3. A week later we went in and they took out Lola's spacers and fit some rings around her back teeth.  While the rings were in they made another impression of her teeth and then put the spacers back in.
  4. A week after that Lola had the actual expander put in her upper jaw.  This isn't too uncomfortable depending on the kid.  Jackson said he couldn't eat anything for about two days where Lola was fine to dive right in! To be safe, a little Tylenol may be a good plan before the expander is put in.
  5. We turned the expander depending on what we were instructed.  (they give you a little key like apparatus that you stick in a small hole in the middle front of the expander - you put the key in and push it toward the back of the mouth - that isn't always pleasant) After a certain point you will be told to stop turning it.
  6. Most likely a bottom expander will be put in after spacers and molds as explained above and you will have to turn that as well.  The bottom expander had a much less frequent turning schedule.
  7. When all the turning is done the expanders will stay in for an extended amount of time.
  8. Braces were put on the front teeth of both of my children and at some point the expanders were removed.
  9. The kids are given retainers which they won't wear!!
Good Luck!


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