New England Vacation - Seals, Shells, and Dunes

Mid-week we spent doing a couple different adventures in one day.  The first was a huge success and the second not so much...

We journeyed back to Orleans and went aboard the Blue Claw Boat Tour.  We were five out of 9 people on the boat so it was a nice group in a small boat.  Our captain showed us a map of the area which detailed where great white sharks had been seen, where seals were seen, where landmarks like lighthouses and islands were, and where we were going.

He did a good job of talking about current activities and people in the area as well as some history that interested the children.  I had no idea so many pirates were in these waters, captured, and prosecuted in Boston!  A local man in Orleans even found a sunken pirate ship complete with some treasure although the rest of it is still out there somewhere!

We cruised around islands and near sandy beaches taking in the gigantic homes and picture perfect scenery.  After a short ride we were surrounded by about 50 seals!  They peeked at us with the curiosity and big eyes of a puppy dog.  We watched some of them sleeping with their snouts pointing to the sky while others rolled in the waves.  Some of them were almost close enough for us to reach over board and touch!  The kids were in awe!

Our next stop was on a small island outside of Chatham.  It had a few shacks on it and nothing else.  It is a popular place for boaters to stop and hang out on nice days.  Our day was sunny, but a little on the cool side so we had the island to ourselves!

The three kids ran like maniacs collecting "treasures".  They found tons of shells and many more carcasses of horseshoe crabs.  The crabs were the most popular treasures, but were the most cumbersome to carry with their pointy tails pricking through the bag and poking anyone who was near.  They were also a bit ripe.

We left with bags of "treasure" and fish smelling hands, but we had a blast!

Once we dried the kids off and did a "towel wrapped around you" change into clothes and out of suits, we were on the road to Provincetown.

Out of all of the towns we drove through and saw Ryan and I agreed that Provincetown would be one that we would come back to and spend more time in.  It is a small town, but it has everything you would need in a short distance and a ton to do!  You can even take a ferry into Boston or a whale watching boat out of the harbor.  There were signs everywhere advertising events that were coming up and things to do along the shore.  The beach was a stone's throw away from town and it had a fun atmosphere.

We took some time going through some of the cute shops and ate lunch and then we went on Art's Dune Tour.  They are the only company allowed to go on the dunes.  I thought it would be fun to see more of the National Seashore and to drive through all the dunes which go on for miles!  However, they did not measure up to the dune rides we have taken in Silver Lake.  This tour was more for older people to hear about the history of the area and preservation of the dunes.  The only fun part for us and the kids was when we were allowed out of the cars to run up and down one of the dunes.  Old Baldy in Pentwater was bigger then this dune, but it was sand and the kids liked being full of it!

With bored kids the day started going a bit downhill.  We hit a restaurant for dinner and were once again thankful that the tourist season was not in full swing yet as we didn't have to wait and had the restaurant to ourselves.  The waitress told us during the prime season people were shoulder to shoulder all through town!


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