Girls Weekend Traverse City

My Oma turned 90 years old back in January of 2013!  When you are 90 there really isn't much that you want other then time with loved ones. (that is what she says anyways!)  So for her birthday my mom, two sisters, and I went on a weekend getaway to Traverse City, Michigan.

We did not go in January, (thank goodness! although I'm sure it is pretty at that time of year too, but more difficult to walk around in the snow and ice) but waited until mid-May when the weather was nice to venture there.  Our first stop of course was to go shopping.  Downtown Traverse City was very picturesque with blooming trees along the main street.  The quaint buildings contained specialty food and beverages, boutiques, and unique treasures!  I have only been shopping there one other time, but it is worth the time to go there!  I love going into the Cherry Republic for free samples of all things cherry and Haystacks which has super cute clothes at surprisingly good prices! (many times when you are in smaller towns the boutique prices are outrageous, but I found a super cute dress there for a great price!) 

There really is just one main street where you will find the shops.  There are a few side streets with some shops worth visiting, but we stuck to the main street during our time there.  Parking is easy to find and close to all the action, which was a big plus for our group!  There are also plenty of benches to rest on and places to step inside for bites to eat.

After shopping and a brief rest time in our hotel, the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, which has fabulous views, a fun pool, and nice rooms, we journeyed to Sutton's Bay.  We went specifically to have dinner at Martha's.  My mom had seen it written up somewhere as a very good place to eat.  It is a small little home converted into a restaurant so there aren't many tables.  I was glad we made reservations because it filled right up!  The food was fantastic, but the service wasn't as good as I had hoped.  We waited a long time for a lot of things.  What I liked the best about the dinner was that Oma began telling us stories of when she was younger.  I learned a lot about her that I had never known before!  It is times like these that really make a little getaway more then just a little getaway!

The next morning we all received spa treatments or nail treatments at the hotel.  (I just don't understand why upscale places do not offer all of the designs and glitter on nails that the cheap shops down the road do!)  Again, this was a great time of talking with Oma while we were pampered!

Our last stop before heading home was of course more shopping.  We went into Sutton's Bay again and hit the galleries and shops they have.  There are many wineries around that area that are worth stopping and sampling as well!  My favorite shop there has to be Bayside Gallery which is very overwhelming, but fun!

It is always an odd feeling to think of my oma not as Oma, but as a young woman with a young family.  I love hearing her stories and getting a better idea of who she really is!  I am truly blessed to be able to spend quality time with her and it was nice to do so in such a nice setting!


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