What Happens on the Chattanooga Choo Choo........

I should have said that the kids ended their adventure with dinner because after everyone was asleep at about 1am I woke up thinking that Lola was having a nightmare only to discover I was hearing our neighbors!  Remember we were sleeping in a train car.  There is no insulation or sound proofing in a train car and you can hear everything inside and outside!  I was hearing the woman in the car next to us.  I could go into great detail about what she was doing with the man in her room since she was describing to him all that she wanted, but hearing it was quite enough the first time!

We debated about what to do.  Do we try to call the front desk?  What if they didn't care and kept on keeping on and us talking on the phone woke the kids?  Do we pound on the wall to let them know we can hear them?  Again we would risk waking the kids.  How do you explain the moans and groans and honestly you could even hear bodies slapping!  In the end we turned on white noise on our phones and placed them by the kids and covered our heads with pillows to try to drown them out.

No, we didn't see them in the morning.  I'm sure they slept in because they had to be worn out with how long their escapades lasted!

I suppose it was a good reminder that in any hotel people can overhear what you are saying or doing!

One side of the sleeping car

The other side
Outside of our "room"


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