Sigh... I'm not a Plumber..

Sometimes I think I am pretty handy, but when it comes down to it I really have no skill at all.  Maybe I get points for trying, but that doesn't really matter when all is said and done and I am left in a room with missing plaster on the ceiling, an inch of scalding hot water on the floor, and a chunk of my thumb gone!

The faucet of our tub was dripping.  You know how annoying that can be!  We were too consumed with other life events to perform a permanent solution so I wrapped it in a towel and called it good.  Unfortunately the next time the tub was used the dripping turned into a steady stream.  I tried messing around with faucet to get it to turn off,but nothing was working and the tub was filling up.  

I decided that I could probably fix it with a wrench.  I tried tightening the turny things and had the water almost stopped.  I should have stopped there but I wanted it all the way stopped.  That final turn caused the handle to break off and scalding water burst up through my hands like a geyser!

The gush of water was so strong that the towels I threw on it flew off in every direction!  The water was so hot my hands were raw and red!  I knew trying to block the flow of water was pointless so I ran down to the basement to turn off the water.  It is a good thing that to be a foster family we had to post how to turn off the water gas, and electricity.  I wouldn't have known how to turn it off if it wasn't for that!

As I made a final turn on the water valve I breathed a sigh of relief.  Now to survey the damage.  The first thing I noticed was that my hands were covered in blood.  No water to wash them off even though my first instinct was to hold them under cold water to relieve the burning from the hot water and to locate the cut.  Upstairs the bathroom was covered in water.  It was everywhere and it had hit the ceiling with such force that the plaster came off!

It was such a mess to clean up that I almost cried!  I called Ry as I stood there like a drown rat and told him of my burns and cut.  He was not shocked.  The next call went to the plumber who had the leak fixed and the water turned on quickly.  Guess I should have called the professional to begin with!


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