New England Vacation - Duck Flop and Wood's Hole

On a Tuesday we ventured into Boston.  Yes, we drove in and found parking by the mall downtown.  It actually wasn't that bad.

Since everyone was gung-ho about the Duck Boat Tours they have in Boston and said they were a must do, we made this our first stop with a plan to explore some of the Freedom Trail after the tour.

Even the best made plans aren't always meant to be.  The Duck Boat Tour was a total flop.  The kids were bored out of their minds and I may have even dozed off for a bit during the ride. I don't know if it was specifically our tour guide or if all tours are like the one we had, but it sent the kids in a downward spiral with us as parents deciding that trying to coax three children to explore a big city was beyond our energy level and simply wasn't worth the effort.


After grabbing a lunch in the mall we made our way back to our home base in Falmouth.  We ended up in Wood's Hole, a small fishing village that is encompassed by oceanic research facilities.  There are very nice beaches around the area and a handful of restaurants, but not much else.  The research facilities do offer some hands-on activities with ocean animals, but they weren't open for the season when we were there, unfortunately.  We did eat in a nice tavern that overlooked the harbor.  We watched the ferry to Martha's Vineyard load up cars and passengers while we ate.

After dinner the kids took a swim in the pool.  It was not sunny nor was it warm so they were the only ones around, but that made it all the more fun for them so their boredom was forgotten and they went to bed happy!


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