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Chicago - Field Museum

On Saturday we took the kids to the Field Museum .  We got there about 10am.  There was no line and we ended up becoming members because it was less expensive for our family of five.  So check that out when you go to museums.  Again, it is best to take a taxi to get there if you can.  All of the museums, aquarium, and planetarium are in one area so you could walk from one to another, but that would take a ton of energy to see more then one museum in a day! The Field Museum is of course home to Sue , the largest, most intact T-Rex in the world.  We actually saw a 3D movie about Sue and I was astonished by the entire story.  It made seeing the remains in the flesh that more impressive! The kids walked into the museum and immediately thought it looked like the museum in the movie, Night at the Museum. The museum is so expansive that we did not make it through all of the exhibits and even though it was filled up we didn't feel crowded because it is so spread out.  We hit the 

Chicago - Shedd Aquarium

The last times I have been in Chicago have been without kids and the focus has been shopping so I had to do a little digging to determine what activities I should invest in to keep them busy. We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the Shedd Aquarium .  My initial impression was not a good one.  The signs directing visitors to the aquarium were so small and not very clear.  Parking was impossible to find and outrageously expensive.  If you are staying downtown I would recommend taking a taxi.  It cost us the same amount to take a taxi there and back as parking cost and we didn't have to walk a mile to get there! The entrances were not clearly marked.  All the doors led to the same spot, but we were directed by staff to go to the bottom of the steps and walk through the tunnel.  I can understand if there were a line outside to get in the establishment, but there was no line outside.  The line inside was not very long, but it was the slowest line ever!  Serio

Chicago - The Lap of Luxury...

We went to Chicago last weekend because Ryan had a conference. It's been a few years since I have been to the Windy City and I felt my palms sweat as we walked past clothing stores I have never heard of.  I'm not a huge shopper, but I would have liked to drool over beautiful clothes I can't afford just for a second! As it was, all of the kids came with us so I took one day to "shop" with them.  It was more of a perusing of the Disney, Lego, and American Girl doll store and the rest of the time was spent walking the street peering up at the huge buildings and watching the people.  We also stopped at Ghirardelli's to have a treat to reenergize after seeing so much culture.  Ghiradelli treat! What I would like to look like as a Lego  (excuse the nails - with all the kids in and out of the house lately I haven't had time to redo them!) A gallery in the Old Water Tower We were fortunate enough that the people who set up the conference h

Of Lice and Men

Just the mention of the word lice and my head begins to itch.  (it itches right now in fact) I endured many years of having children in my classroom show up with lice .  I had one year where we had a case of lice almost every day!  One of my fellow teachers was kind enough to give me a kid's book about it.  That year I wore my hair up every day and had the nurse check my head each time she came into the room. That experience was nothing in comparison to how I felt when I received a call from the school of my foster daughter to say they had found one live louse on her!  My scalp began to itch without reprieve!  On top of that did you know all of the things you have to do to be sure that there are no lice in your house?  Ironically, the Thursday before I got the call Ryan and I had watched an episode of Modern Family which talked about lice.  We laughed so hard at some of the methods they used to keep an infected child away from themselves.  It wasn't so funny when I consi

Five New Kids in Three Months!

Yes, my life is a constant swirl of change and activity.  Since January we have had five foster children with us!  Not all at the same time.  A few did overlap, but never more then two at a time! (I don't have enough room in my car to fit that many children at once!) If we did have the room I am sure we would get calls constantly because so many children are coming into the United States to be reunited with parents.  If you have ever thought that maybe you could take care of a child for two weeks to a month let me know!  You can tell the agency when you want to accept children, how many, the gender, and the ages.  If you are going to go on vacation you can let the agency know and not accept kids until you are ready.  The kids have their own school that they attend every day and the staff is very lenient if have to drop off early or pick up late.  After doing long term refugee foster care and domestic foster care, this short term refugee foster care has been the easiest for our fa