Where has the Common Sense Gone?

I don't know if it's the weather, the time in the school year, the fact that teachers and school staff are overloaded, lack of common sense, or that I have become too sensitive about things affecting my children; but whatever it is, it is driving me nutty!

Last Friday, I  drove Jackson home from school because he had his Valentine's Day party at the end of the day and his was my last school party that day.  I always like to get the kids one on one in the car.  The pressure is off and they just talk about people and things in their lives.  Anyways, he began to tell me about his day and how they all had a group picture done and how that picture messed up their lunch time.

As he told me more and more of the story, I asked more and more questions and it became evident to him that Mom was not a happy camper.

He's buddled up in this picture, but is still cold!
You see, after pictures, lunch had already started so the boys got in line for the hot lunch and the girls had their recess.  After the boys ate they went to get their coats from their lockers, but the doors to the hallway were locked and the ladies who oversee lunch would not unlock them.  All of the boys were sent outside without their boots, hats, gloves, or coats!  It was 20 degrees out on Friday!  Are you kidding me?!  

This makes me livid!  Who would think it is ok to make a child go outside without proper attire in 20 degrees?  Do they have no common sense at all?  Of course I contacted the teacher.  She, however, didn't know about the incident.  I was told school policy is that children without coats are to remain on a bench inside or go to the gym.  This policy was obviously not followed.  The more I think about it the more angry I become.  Imagine sitting outside when it is 20 degrees.  There is a few feet of snow on the ground and the wind is blowing.  I don't care how long you stood out there.  Without a coat any amount of time is too long!

I was still fuming about Jackson having to go outside without a coat when last night Tyce walked home from the bus stop with one boot on and a sock.  That's right.  He walked out of school, onto the bus, and through snow with only a sock to protect his foot!  What?

Yes, I will admit that he was kind of stupid not to think this was not a good plan, but he is only in kindergarten and his thinking only goes so far.  He didn't think he could wear his shoe home because according to him his teacher thought he would lose it and not have shoes for gym class.

Apparently my super star child was playing outside and got his foot stuck in the snow bank.  He couldn't get his boot back out of the snow so he took his foot out and went to tell a teacher.  Twenty children were out in the banks digging for that boot and I'm sure it was covered up and will not be seen until spring.  Sigh...

It would have been nice to get a call to let me know that he permanently lost his boot in the snow or maybe his teacher could have told him to wear his shoes home.  She knew he lost the boot.  Where is the common sense?  Is that too much to ask that my children don't freeze this winter while under the care of the schools?  Am I asking too much? 


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