Beach Weather in Michigan

This year Michigan weather has been BRUTAL!  As I type this snow is coming down fast and furious yet again!  I am pretty much done with all of the delays, snow days, and cancellations.  Having negative temperatures and wind chills is not my idea of fun.  It is so sad that I am excited to see a 30 degree day!  I'm not sure how many more times I can open the door to let the dog out only for him to run in the opposite direction because there is a wall of snow blocking his path before I go crazy!

At any rate, we do try to find fun things to do in the middle of this artic blast.  Yesterday since the temperatures weren't too bad (in the 20's) we bundled up and headed to the beach.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We went to the beach. 

We drove out to Grand Haven.  The fisherman's pier parking lot is cleared as are some campsites so you can park and walk to the pier and the beach.  We should have brought sleds because there are some huge frozen waves the kids would have enjoyed sliding down!  As it was we had a great time sliding on ice and playing in the snow.  It was an odd feeling walking on Lake Michigan all the way out past the light house.  The kids couldn't believe how thick the ice was and how deep I let them walk.

If you get a chance, go see the lake shore in the winter.  It is a gorgeous site.  One word of advice; don't try to walk across the channel on the ice.  The current hasn't allowed that area to freeze as thickly as on the opposite side of the pier.  We saw one man go down to his hip in the freezing water!  Ouch!

Here's a sample of our fun day!
Grand Haven Pier

Lola on the pier and Jackson standing on the frozen water

The kids spent a long time sliding down an ice slide

In the channel

Thick ice chunks turned into sculptures


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