And Here We Go Again!

Yes, we have another new child in the house.  He is also from Honduras and is eight years old.  He arrived on Friday.  

Last week I recieved four calls to take in children.  We were asked to take in a 16 year old and her baby, an 11 year old and a 7 year old sibling group, and an 10 year old and 7 year old sibling group.  It is harder for me to say no then it is to say yes, but we always have to put our own children first in considering which calls to say yes to.

We are glad we said yes to the call that we did.  This child is the happiest child I have ever encountered!  He has a constant smile that just gets bigger the happier he gets!  I walked into his school to pick him up yesterday and he lit up with such delight that I felt like the sun was shining inside just for me!  He spoke with his mom tonight and she told him that this weekend he would be able to be reunited with her.  He ran to each person in our house and told each of us in spanish about his news.  (It didn't matter that most of our household couldn't understand him!)  I don't think he stopped smiling all night long and as a result every person in our household smiled all night!  It is contagious!

We don't know for sure that he will be reunited with mom this weekend, but we are all hopeful.  I really don't want him to lose that smile of his!


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