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Brewery Tour - Grand Rapids area

Back in November we went on a little brewery tour with our neighbors.  This wasn't anything officially run through a company or the breweries, just a fun time with fun folks. I would highly recommend trying this out with some of your friends if you feel up to the planning! (There were three of us who worked together to plan ours - or contact me and I can plan it for you ;))  It was a total blast and, the breweries in West Michigan are happy to host! We ended up renting a bus to fit 30 and started our trip in the afternoon.  People brought snacks, some of their own beverages, and music.  Our first brewery was in Hudsonville only a short distance from where we began.  We wanted to stick semi-close to home so we didn't waste too much time driving, but we quickly found out that dancing in the bus was the best part!  (or at least the most hilarious part!) White Flame  has a friendly atmosphere with great staff.  They donated some pint glasses for our tour too!  In the times t