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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  Last night we decided to try to take full advantage of the holiday happenings and take a tour of the lights around us-even though there is no snow.  I looked up where lights are on, printed a list out, and was ready to go! I envisioned the children snugly in their jammies with their faces pressed against the window peering out in the dark at all of the decorations in awe. The children were snuggled in their pajamas, but I had to shut my eyes tight and bang my head against the window to see the rest of my vision come to light. (which you understand is all an illusion) We had given the kids a bag of kettle corn, a rare treat, and had each of them pick an object associated with the season to count in the decorations we would see.  Reindeer, Santa Claus, and snowmen were chosen.  I thought this would be a fun game and keep their eyes on the decorations.     Upon pulling out of the driveway, we already heard that there were no snowmen around and we would NE

New England Vacation - Duck Flop and Wood's Hole

On a Tuesday we ventured into Boston.  Yes, we drove in and found parking by the mall downtown.  It actually wasn't that bad. Since everyone was gung-ho about the Duck Boat Tours they have in Boston and said they were a must do, we made this our first stop with a plan to explore some of the Freedom Trail after the tour. Even the best made plans aren't always meant to be.  The Duck Boat Tour was a total flop.  The kids were bored out of their minds and I may have even dozed off for a bit during the ride. I don't know if it was specifically our tour guide or if all tours are like the one we had, but it sent the kids in a downward spiral with us as parents deciding that trying to coax three children to explore a big city was beyond our energy level and simply wasn't worth the effort.   After grabbing a lunch in the mall we made our way back to our home base in Falmouth.  We ended up in Wood's Hole, a small fishing village that is encompassed by o

New England Vacation - Chatham, Kayaks, and Clams!

Our second day in the Cape Cod area was one of our favorites!  We took our time getting up even after our rooster son got us all up!  We journeyed to Chatham.  This is what I envision Cape Cod towns to be like.  It had a cute Main Street with many restaurants and shops.  Not far from Main Street was the beach and a light house.  The homes that lined the beach were unbelievable!  This is what I imagined when I thought about the Cape.  People riding their bikes into town and walking from home to the beach! We only stopped in Chatham briefly to walk the beach and have lunch in town.  I would have loved to peek in all of the shops and explore more, but the kids can not grasp why one would even set foot into a store if you already know you are not going to leave with a new purchase!   Chatham shoreline Stopping to smell the flowers, but they won't look to take a picture The Chatham fishing pier We stopped for a little ice cream!  It was all homemade

New England Vacation - AAARRR Pirates in Plymouth

This year we were fortunate enough to take the children and go out east for a week long vacation. Sometimes I wonder if the trip itself is as good as my excitement is about planning it.  I jump in with both feet and just go to town!  I always type up an itinerary with addresses and phone numbers and time to travel to the location.  I am a planner and I love it!  The only thing I didn't love about planning this trip was that we had a foster child at the time who couldn't go with us.  She had to be left behind so I had to plan for that as well and I would have much rathered plan for her to go! Our first big adventure started first thing with having flights cancelled and being rerouted.  Thank goodness for electronics and outlets in the airport to charge things up!  Unfortunately, we spent the entire day flying and didn't have any play time in our new location of Falmouth, MA. Breakfast out! The next day, however, was a different story.  I take for granted that