Wiggle it Just a Little Bit!

Today (October 8 - told you I was behind!)  Tyce showed me his first loose tooth.  Gulp!!  How can my baby be getting adult teeth?!  And more importantly how can I act excited about it when I don't want it to happen and when it completely grosses me out as he wiggles it!  Ick!!!  Stop!  Stop it all!!

Tyce just lost his second tooth a week ago.  (December) His teacher pulled it out for him and he was ecstatic!  I'm so glad that someone else could pull it out, because I can't even handle looking at it wiggle!  It is like nails on a chalkboard for me and I have no idea why!

My Grandma used to tie a string on a tooth and either just pull it out or tie it to a door knob.  Once they get that loose I can't get that close to them!

Tonight (12/30) our foster son, B, pulled out his tooth.  He presented it to me with bloody fingers and a bloody mouth.  Um yup.  That's just what I wanted to see!  Gross and double gross!!   Now does anyone know if the Tooth Fairy goes to Honduras? 


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