Another Boy!

It's not that life has slowed down so much and is so boring that there is nothing to tell about.  It is the extreme opposite actually!  I have been so busy traveling and keeping up with life at home that I just haven't made this (blog) a priority! I started writing this on my phone in the township office between wrapping gifts for the Santa Shop at my children's school!

I'm sure I'll catch up soon, but we'll start with the present time.  

We now have a 10 year old boy from Honduras  living with us.  They haven't been able to find his family yet, but it should only be a matter of time!

When I told the kids he was on his way they were ecstatic!  The boys began debating who got to share their room with him!  Ryan and I began rearranging furniture so now the boys both have bunk beds in their rooms.  Lola was bummed that she couldn't share her room!  

Usually the kids arrive at the airport. (You can read more about how they get to Michigan here). This time because of the holidays they were delayed in getting here and then had to drive in from Indiana.  When I went to pick up B at a school, he was in a room of about 10 other kids who had traveled with him from the boarder.  They all looked exhausted and out of sorts.  Big dark rings were under many eyes.  Most of the children looked pale and a little frightened.  They were all clean and had been given new clothes by immigration, however, so that was good!

It would rip your heart to see all these little faces!

So far things are going as well as can be expected with a child far from home who doesn't speak our language.  I haven't quite figured out if it is easier to understand 3 year old Spanish or 10 year old Spanish!  With a three year old the words are baby words and I didn't always recognize them.  With 10 year old Spanish the words come fast - really fast and there is slang in there as well!  When I ask to slowly repeat what he has said so I can understand- the words come out even faster!  At least he fills in words for me when I forget how to say them and corrects my pronunciations!  I like that part!



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