Guatemala - The Malnutrition Center in Pictures

Brace yourselves.
These children are full of the biggest smiles I have ever seen and try to give the biggest hugs, but are so weak from their malnutrition that some of them can't even walk.
The Malnutrition Center is near San Juan in Guatemala.  It was built in 1975 by the Lion's Club, but is now supported by Orphan's Heart Ministries.  The center itself is run by people who are from Guatemala.  The doctor, nannies, nurses and all of the staff are Guatemalan.  Orphan's Heart sends down teams of people to help out at the center and provides funds and things like diapers for the children.

Most of the parents of these children were told there was no hope and to say their goodbyes.  This center gave them hope and a chance!  Unfortunately, some children will not go back to their families because their families do not have the means to support them.  Many who do are reunited with family end up back at the center in the same condition they were in the first time they arrived.  It is a sad and vicious cycle.

Down time playing chess - Jackson and my Dad

Two of my buddies!  Jeremias and Mynor

So quick to smile!  10 months old and only 10 lbs.  He can't even hold his head up, but Mario is sure a happy baby!

Mynor and Delmi - Mynor's family was told there was no hope for him, but look at that smile now!

Jeremias came in at 10lbs and almost 3 years old!  He has been here two months and is really close to walking!

Getting their snack - they get it three times a day - it's like a Pediasure


Carlos needs eye surgery and I think has a mild case of CP

Brittany giving Delmi a breathing treatment

The "Dolphin's room"  This is the room I spent most of my time.  The children in this room are the most worse off.

Jackson and Mario

Delmi - she has only been at the center for 2 weeks and it shows!  She cries ALL of the TIME!
poor baby!!!

Waiting for their meal

We were visited by the singer Jaci Velazquez - She was doing a documentary on poverty and malnutrition in Guatemala.  We were only one of her stops.

Roxana - She has the longest eye lashes ever!

Waiting for Jaci

Jaci with her biggest fan - Becca

My dad getting his shirt signed

The nannies and other staff with Jaci

Jackson playing

My dad was a sought after play thing!




Taking a break playing chess with Pastor Bob
(Jackson beat him pretty bad)

The center at night outside

The showers with heaters on them that shocked a few people


Our showers - the men and women had different assigned times to use them

Our room

Our place to hang out and eat!

We were so lucky to have a couple who spend 3 months at a time at the center making food for the teams that come in

The chicks!

Laundry is drying everywhere!

My mom

The kids loved playing with Jackson!  They especially loved rough housing!

Santos is loving this ride!

So many children!!

A sick little one wants to cuddle with Jackson
Pretty sure he shared his stomach virus with him

Playing outside on a gorgeous day!  70s during the day and 60s at night

Clowning around

My little group enjoying the fresh air



He is just skin and bones.


Mario is so severely malnourished that his body is not absorbing what it should and fluid is being pushed into his abdomen and pushing on his lungs making it difficult for him to breath

My Dad had a favorite play toy!  The tape measure!  The kids marched down the halls with him chanting "Uno, Dos, Tres, Hola!" (which is about all the Spanish my Dad knows!)  The kids loved it!!

Barbed wire on everything!  And if they isn't handy they put broken glass on the tops of buildings

The back of the center

They are raising chickens for eggs and meat

They rent out land to be used for farming

A outside area to gather
My Dad putting up some shelter outside
Peeking at me
Children from the Bunnies playing
Drying socks
Pastor Bob taking a walk
Lunch time!
Mario - a rare time that he is holding his head up!  He is 10 months
Such a smiley guy!
The picture doesn't do justice for the skin and bones that this leg really is.  He has skin hanging off of his leg that is all wrinkly that once had muscle...
Brushing teeth - which they all need so bad!  The kids are often given soda to drink because it is so cheap.  Sometimes the goal is to fill the belly even if the food or drink has no nutritional value at all!  Many of the kids' teeth are rotting out.
Black beans are messy but oh so good!
There are many children with more needs then just nutrition
Two months ago Jeremias was 10 lbs and could barely move.  Now he is on the verge of walking!
Older kids came down and began pushing the little ones!
So fun!!  Watch out!
My mom
Jeremias and I
We'll share toys with you!
My sick boy!!  He had the stomach flu with a fever and all!  No fun to have that at any time, but especially not when you are in a foreign country and share a room with 12 other people!  He was a trooper though!

A shed out back



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