Guatemala - Last of the Pictures!

I may be going a little overboard on all of the pictures, but I just love pictures of all of those little faces!  Look at these children and compare them to your own.  They are soo soo tiny!!  Here are some more....

They put up a tarp to help block the sun while the kids played

One of the bathrooms the kids use to get baths and toilet

The canaries.  This is the room with the babies

The cribs the babies sleep in

My little Mario

Such a pretty girl in the mirror

Mynor - he loved seeing himself in my camera

This little one, Delmi, cries all day long.  This is the last day and we finally got some laughs!

The clean laundry is delivered via wheelbarrow to the correct room 

The toddler s all have to sit on their pots for 15 minutes at least as part of their potty training!

The pots they sit on

They are so funny to watch!  The stay on the pot, but scoot around on them in the room!

Pastor Bob and Yessica

After dinner waiting to get ready for bed

Potty time!

They scooted on their pots under the table!

Saying goodbye!

Our ride back to Guatemala city

Every woman carries things on their heads!


A park overlooking Guatemala City

Guatemala City airport

Adios Guatemala!

Yup - I pulled the window out of the plane!


Look!  You can see inside of the plane since the window is missing!


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