Registering for Christmas Gifts...

One of my favorite chores in planning my wedding was registering for all the new shiny things to fill up our first tiny apartment!  The mere act of being able to hold that scanner and push a button making the purchase just one step closer was a feeling of power and exhilaration!

In fact, if it were acceptable, I would insist on having "showers" for 15 year wedding anniversaries!  Let's face it, by that time all the new stuff is old, broken, lost, or obsolete!  Unfortunately, that isn't etiquettely appropriate. (is that a word?)

This now brings up the question of whether having my kids register for gifts for their birthdays and Christmas is proper etiquette or not.

I brought the kids to Toys "R" Us tonight after registering them for the "wish list" option, gave them scanners, and let them have at it!  We went aisle to aisle and they scanned their way through all of the toys that struck their fancy.  I now can go online and access their wish lists and edit things if needed.  It had to be the most enjoyable non shopping experience we have ever all had together!  It was the easiest way to make lists for the kids' grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and us as well!

So I will pass on these lists to our relatives.  I think that doing that is not stepping over the etiquette boundary.  I would not, however, pass the lists on to friends for a birthday party.  I think that is being a bit to presumptuous.  What do you think?  Where is the line?  Did I already trip over it?

For an hour we heard, "Wow!  I LOVE this!!"  He has over 100 things on his list!!
Jackson was a little more selective.  He had 14 items on his list.
Lola was into it as well, but fell in the middle of the road with how many things she scanned.


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