Guatemala Mission Trip - Day One in Pictures!

We are safely home and enjoying the comforts of being in the United States!  It is going to take me awhile to stop looking for the trash can next to the toilet to throw my toilet paper into! (You can not flush toilet paper in Guatemala so it is thrown away)

If you are interested in helping out the children of the malnutrition center where we were you can go to their website and sponsor a child, sponsor a nanny (so they can hire more which they desperately need), make a donation, or go on a mission trip like we did!

For me, there was no down time when I arrived home and I was thrown right back into it so I haven't had too much time to dwell on what we left behind.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad one!  We arrived home about 2am Saturday and were on a trick-or-treat hayride by 11am!

I wasn't able to add pictures to my blogs since I wrote and posted them through my phone so as promised here is DAY ONE in pictures!!  And if you want to read about it, you can find that post HERE.

Jackson and my Dad at the airport in the US delivering coffee!
Our fantastic group!  I can't say enough about how wonderful these people are and what big hearts they have!

Jackson and me!  We can't wait to get there!

We are so blessed that my parents were able to come with us!
Brittany and Joe

Bev and Sandy


It's sooo early!

Saw a plane flying next to us

In Atlanta - Jackson was obsessed with a gentleman who had a handle bar mustache and wanted a picture.  He is in the background.

As soon as we could see Guatemala Jackson wouldn't take his face away from the window.  He had never seen so many mountains!

Outside the Guatemalan airport.  It was much the same as I remembered it outside.

Waiting to load all of our luggage onto a bus

Here we go!

A stop for lunch at the best fast food chicken place in Central America!  Pollo Campero

Getting orders

This became Jackson's favorite food!  He loved the green hot sauce!  It was very tasty, but made my nose run!

The traffic in Guatemala City was crazy!  We made the best of it and made friends with fellow bus riders!

Guatemala City

The traffic!

A church in a small town.  They looked like they were having a wedding

Radom shots of the surroundings as we drove out of Guatemala City and into other towns

"Chicken Buses"  We saw people jump on the back of these buses.  They sometimes had chickens strapped to the tops and they were always filled with people staring at us - the Gringos in the big white bus!

The bus was packed with our "wears" and donations like diapers and baby wipes!

Jackson settled right in on a bunk bed.  There was one room for the guys and one room for the girls.

Endless laundry!  The kids each wore three layers of clothes always and probably had two to three changes a day due to blowouts, food messes, and change for night time!

Another view of the laundry room.  They have industrial sized washers and dryers, but the dryers take so much energy to use that they hang all of the clothes to dry in the laundry room, courtyards, and any available space!  Being that it is the rainy season and it rains every day at some point, there were a lot of clothes that just didn't dry for days!

There are two buildings.  One building houses the children of the malnutrition center and the other building, which you see here, houses the volunteers.  The bottom portion is a daycare not associated with the center.  These are my parents and Laura and Susan who are from Florida on the stairs.

An area of the center where the toddlers play.  They block it off with gates.

Pictures of some of the children.  There were 87 children being taken care of here while we were there.  The number fluctuates, however, as children get picked up when they are well enough and others are brought in at any given time.  We were able to witness one little boy go home while we were there.  Such a joyous thing, but scary at the same time.  Many of these children have been here for years even if they are healthy because their parents can not provide for them.  Others go home and end up coming back for the same reason.

The malnutrition center was originally built and funded by the Lion's Club.  Now most (if not all) of the funding comes from Orphan's Heart Ministries.

My Dad! :)

We are finally here and can't wait to see those babies!!
My Dad, Jackson, Becca, Susan, Laura, and Pastor Bob


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