Guatemala - Day Six

Today was our last day at the center with the kids.  Thankfully, the people who had the stomach flu were feeling better!  Jackson took the morning off, but joined us this afternoon.  I'm so glad he was able to say goodbye to the kids and is back to his normal self!

Our time here went so fast!  It has been a mixture of love and hate.

I love being in Guatemala.  I love that there is a facility here with people who give of themselves to help these children.  I love working with the kids.  I can't tell you how much I LOVE working with these kids!  I love that my son could be here with me and experience all of this at his age.  This has impacted him and shaped him and will continue to do so! (When I asked what he learned he told me that he was going to be thankful for all that he has because these kids don't even have a couch to sit on!)

What I hate is the reason all of these kids are here!  I hate that they need to be here, that their families can't afford food to feed them in a healthy way, that they may be here for years, and that they are away from their families.  I hate that things here are not run in a way that I think is best, but I love the extreme love and commitment the people that work here have for these children.  I hate that I know there are so many more children who are much worse off and may never get help.  It rips my heart out.

Tomorrow we go back to our normal lives, but I hope we can all take the impact of this week and use it in a positive way!

I will post pictures in my next blog with more details about the week when I get home (unless crazy things happen while going home!). Wait until you see these angels!!  Your hearts will melt!!! :)


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