Guatemala - Day Four

It was our second day working all day with the kids.  It is exhausting work, but I LOVE it!!

Tonight I want to share what the center is like and what the day is like here.

The kids are split into groups based on their ages and needs.  There are 6 groups of children and 88 children all together.  The children are all here because they are malnourished.  They come from all over and range in age from infants to 13 years old.  There is a doctor on staff and two nurses.  There are 30 people in staff at the center.

The daily routine stays the same for each room each day.

The children are taken out of their cribs at 8am, they are changed and eat breakfast.  Meal times are always a bit crazy especially with the groups that can not feed themselves!  Imagine a row of high chairs filled with little hungry ones who all want food NOW!

After breakfast which usually consists of black beans, egg, and a tortilla, the children who are not in the infant room or the room that consists of the kids who are the worst off at the moment, sit on a pot - yes a little pot- and brush their teeth and a bath.  They get all cleaned up and are dressed.

After they are dressed it is play time!  They have an outdoor play area and an indoor area to play in.  When groups like us are here the kids end up playing everywhere however!  When I post pictures you'll be able to see more of the kinds of things the kids play.  

At 10:30 all of the children get a snack of a drink which is close to pediasure.  They clap when they see it and gobble it up!

After snack it is play time again until a bell rings at 12:30 to let everyone know lunch is ready!  After lunch, which varies each day, the kids go and sit on the pots, get a dry diaper on and go down for a nap.  

The kids sleep until 3:15.  After nap time it is time for a snack again (nutrition drink) diaper changes and play time!

4:30 rolls around quickly which is dinner time!  After dinner, the kids sit on the pots and are dressed in their pajamas.  As each one is dressed they are put in bed for the night!  The night nannies come in a little after the kids go down.  At 9:30 at night all of the children are given their nutritional drink and put back to sleep.

The next day is much the same as the one before it. :)

Today we were able to play outside in the beautiful sunshine!  I ended up with grass stains on my pants.  I was thrown up on, pooped on, and peed on!  Surprisingly, I still loved it and can't wait to get back with those precious little ones tomorrow!!

Jackson continues to rise to the occasion.  I was able to see him interact for a bit with the kids.  One of the little ones was following him around and asking to be picked up.  He picked him up and carried him to the rocker where he rocked him.  I also heard him talking in Spanish to the kids!

I know I'm leaving a lot of what goes on here out so feel free to leave a comment and I can expand on things! :)


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